This time, there is still atropine to save this woman.,If you come back next time, eat other medicines.,That is a headache.。

After all, here is the hospital.,啥,The least lack of medicine。
Atrine is also the most convenient medicine for detoxification.,Muscle injection,Be able to push,Maintain a small dose of micro pump after maintaining stability。
“Military brother,You have to be careful about this patient.,It’s really impossible to guide it.,Turn away,What do you think about what she said?,At first, it is a suicide tendency.。”Zhou Jixiang was launched at the door,I can’t help but spit a wave of Xu Li Li。
What she said is too negative.,what“I originally thought that I have passed.,I didn’t expect to wake up.”,This kind of terrible!
“I can’t do it directly to the next year.。”Sun Jun is also a shame.,This Xu Li Li looks hard to deal with it.。
I really don’t want to operate the next constraint.,Sketch her with something,Prevent you from suicide!
Generally, the medical advice is the old man,This will find new indications on this middle-aged woman who has suicide in this depression.!
“Kilomechanical brother,I didn’t have anything, I will withdraw.。”Zhou Ye I looked at the time on the corridor,I have found that I have already come out for a while.40More minutes。
In the room, I don’t know if it is still?
I think of these,He also didn’t dare to repeat the rest area.。
After the door is removed after the door,He brushed the door to return to his own dormitory。
I found this time,He Nuo actually lying leisurely on the couch,And hands holding potato chips in hands,Slowly chew。
He saved people outside。
She is inside。
This is the exploitation of different people.。
Zhou Ye 唏 唏,I feel that time is not early.,So I advised:“Arno,You have to go back early.,Your press release,I know you physically.,So this interview is a good memory between our two people.。”
When telling such a championship,Zhou Niwu must admire his own courage.。
Can you laugh?。
She is a favorite to look forward to Zhou Ye,Mouth corner,Sound voice:“But now8Dotted,I have already enabled。”
Access control?
What access control?
Hospital also has access control?Is not it24hDo you open a patient??
This is not possible to lock the emergency department.,What if I have a patient at night?。
And emergency students often transport patients to various departments,This access is impossible.……
Zhou Ye thought that there was pure joke,Hoe:“Okay,He Miss,You will go home earlier.,Your bodyguards are estimated that this will wait for you downstairs.。”
第231章 我是你未婚妻