“I heard that I have never been recently,Starlight entertainment,Sold for sale,Our entertainment companies under our Shaojia are still very powerful.。”

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“so,Everyone must want to find a way,Take the star entertainment。”
When Shao Hong said,Other people around are more important。
at this point,Set it here,It is even more,There have been a place to look at it in front of it.。
After all, if you can control the star entertainment in your hands。
So coming,It is estimated that there will be a lot.。
at this point,From the extent of itself,It is even more undoubtedly。
“correct,This kid is daring to come here to mess up,So,Go directly,Give me a disappearance!”
Shaohong’s eyes,It is also a killing。
Another thing is aunt and temporarily say something,But this thing,In fact, there is still this necessary to solve this.。
So other people around you,It’s even more。
Chapter 196 is relieved,I will cover you.
“What,Shao family is so poor。”
Shen Xuan originally thought about it,Come to Shaojia’s place to get destructive。
But now look at it now,It seems that there is no need to go to destruction.。
Because of complete,Nothing。
After reading it for a while,Shen Xuan, the whole person, a speechless。
However, it is in front of Shen Xuan.,Shen Xuan suddenly found,Not far from a big gang,Trail straight to this。
“Look,These people come to。”
Shen Xuan feels,Still don’t continue to delay here.。
First of all,There is no meaning,Secondary,Shen Xuan also feel,Even if you win these people,I don’t have half a part of it.。
In this case,It’s better to leave first.。
“never mind,I have no time to play with you.,You are still playing here slowly.。”
When Shen Xuan finished,I don’t want to go back directly.。
And as Shen Xuan said,Those people behind,It’s chasing it.。
They feel,Shen Xuan must be scared.。
If you take this time,You can directly kill Shen Xuan directly,undoubtedly,Absolutely a big work。
So I am now,It’s okay to handle this thing.。
“stop,Everyone talks about how much nonsense is dried.,I am so moving.。”
“This is of course,So let’s take it with them.。”
“Kill his words,The owner is absolutely will not greeten.,Other no matter,I’m right。”
With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
obviously,Don’t say anything else,Shen Xuan is definitely a very important factor。
But how long they have been chased,As a result,Shen Xuan people have no disappearance。