“boss,I took brothers and sisters to get some supplies in Chongqing.,Is there any task to me??”

“Small nine,Don’t know the task,You have a brothers and sisters in Chongqing.,I have opened a celebration for you.,Let you come to you,This time the person who kills the gods can look back.?”
“boss,Be a must,But just to participate in yourself,After all, this is still going to follow me.,They must never see。”Ritual,
“I know that you are a small nine mind.,I know,Do not worry,There are no outsiders at the wine.,I will give them some meeting.,Xiao Jiu, you don’t mind.?”
Qi Rui knows that I want to take the opportunity to pull the heart,What do you have any accidents?,He also controls this team.,Say:“boss,These are people of party countries,Not my rumor!I brought them this time to see the real boss.!”
Wear a happy laughter:“Still small nine!”
NS662chapter The strongest reinforcement Li Dingchuan
Rui is not worried about these things,Because even if you are not in him, you can’t control this red team.。
Rui Rui took two box gold bars to see Li Dingchuan directly,Because he and his Li Jia commerce company helped himself and many teams,These gold bars are rumored to have a lot of pain.。
“Lee Boss,You have received these money,There is still a lot of places that you need to help in the future.!”
Li Dingchuan saw that the two boxes of gold bars said very hardly:“Qi big brother,I heard that you have come to Chongqing, I want to see you.,But I heard that you are in the city.,So I didn’t go,Because I think we should talk about it.。”
I found that Li Dingchuan’s angry,Qi Rui knows that he is some seen from him.,Hurry:“Since Lee my brother shouted me a big brother,We are your own brothers.,If you have anything, you just say it.。”
“Qi big brother,I admire your hero like this.,I also want to be a hero like you.,But you see that this virtue is definitely not played in this life.,I don’t have other things.,Is money!Qi big brother!If you recognize me this brother,I will kill the military tether after the future.!”Li Dingchuan said,
“Brother!thank you,You have helped us very much.!Your money is not a wind blow.,Because we are brothers,How is I am very embarrassed?。”
“Where is this?,You need fighters?tank?Armored,I can help you from abroad.,Qi big brother,Not,I hope you can kill some devils with your brothers.,Put the little devil at a little early China!For this reason, I am willing to push up.!”Li Dingchuan said very sincere,
“Brother,I know you are really heart,I also thank you this patriotic heart.,I accept,Fighter these temporarily do not need,Then I don’t have a company that makes money.,If you need your brother, you can help,I will never be polite with you.。”
“Big brother,It seems that you still don’t want to recognize this brother.!”
“how come,If you don’t believe,We can worship no problem.,Just now my team has a government.,I can earn my company to buy a weapon ammunition.,These aspects are temporarily used in the temporary,As long as Li’s trade can help us raise the required supplies。”
“Qi big brother,I understand your idea,I don’t care if you want?,Anyway, I have helped you order a batch of weapon ammunition.,It’s all your team now.。”Li Dingchuan said,
“You are helping me buy a matching ammunition.?”Rui Rui really wants to buy it?,
“Be right,I don’t know where your weapon ammunition is bought.,But I know American arms dealer,Maybe I bought it cheaper than you.。”
Qi Rui, I will refuse, it is too serious.,Thank you very much:“Okay, you are my big savior.!These are what I am lacking now.,If you are welcome, I will say it.!It’s not good.!”
“Big brother,I have a business in Europe and the United States.,Now Europe is not,But with the United States, it continues,They are now not selling our weapons and equipment。”
“So, thank you for your brother.!I still want to go to Shanghai to find the United States and buy some ammunition.,Their weapons are good,But too waste of ammunition。”Rui Rui is not fake,Especially the submachine gun is generally fighting him, he doesn’t dare to let the soldiers used it.。
“I understand this.,So I have helped the big brother to buy it back.,This time just takes away。”
Li Dingchuan is a comprehensive investigation of this decision to make,Because he found that this is ruthless, it is not true to fight.,And it is outstanding,So he intends to have no condition to fully support the development group,Some of the national army who did not have money to pay for money, he will mean.,What’s more, it is a rural team.。
Rui Rui, this is quite,Also recognized this brother of Li Dingchuan,This brother is a big money.,At the same time, the minimum ammunition is not worried.,However, Qi Yan knows that it is unstable from abroad.,The most stable or have to build your own soldiers,The firearm is not mentioned in this regard,Ammunition is definitely manufactured by yourself.。
But this time this idea is not much mature.,Rui Rui intends to consider,Because this selection is, it is hard to live him.。
Rui Rui left the gold bars or leave,Li Dingchuan is actually not resolutely,Rui Rui said that these money is put in the stock here.。
Hope to expect the moon,Zhuang Xiaoman finally saw the man who thought of the days of the day.,She is really especially missing in Shanghai.,At that time, I could accompany myself.,But now,Rui Rui is a few months.。
“Xiaoman,I have never stroned what you want to do.,If you don’t want to stay in Chongqing, you can follow me.,You think about it yourself.。”Ritual,
“What should I do with you??”Zhuang Xiaoman is not asking a girl who does not care about the overall situation.,