I heard Shen Xuan said so.,Lin Xia Xue smiled。

“So this is ah,actually,I suspect,Wang family has a problem。”
“So this time,I hope you can help。”
Lin light snow looks Shen Xuan,Slight smile,Close to some。
Incense,Sudden hind。
For this woman,Shen Xuan doesn’t know what to say, what is good?。
“Say,Do you have a lot of experts??”
“Why,You always come to me.,I am also very busy.。”
Shen Xuan looked after the forest,Some depressed。
But Lin Gongxue,It is a grantee of Shen Xuan.:“But,The people I know inside,Only you are a master。”
“so,Don’t find you,Who is looking for??”
Ok,What to say,It is nothing wrong with it.。
Ye Xuan looked to the forest,He secretly thinks,I am absolutely not affected by these sweets.。
If Ye Xuan believes in the snow,So don’t want to know,This action,It will definitely be very dangerous。
But this time,Lin Gangxue has two eyes on Shen Xuan.:“If you promise to accompany me?,Then,I can send you a few movie discs of your men.。”
This woman,Always put some things that look very good。
And Lin Gangxue continued:“Your man,Don’t you like watching that movie?,What abroad,Is there a three??”
Oy,This woman,Very good。
But the strange thing is,Why did Lin Shao Snow say these?
“You also like?”
Shen Xuan looked to Lin Xiaoxue,Continue to ask。
“Of course,And when it is fine,I will also see alone.,Even go to the cinema to see。”
Lin Qingxue reveals a smile to Shen Xuan。
Shen Xuan is very wonderful:“Cinema,This is in this mound,Which home?”
If it is more than ten twenty years ago,Maybe there will be in the cinema,but now,Dare to put this,Isn’t it waiting to be caught??
“You don’t know this.,I am tolerance,Specially check various cases,Where is my door?。”
“Help me to get this task,Let’s go back,Disposable,How about it?”
Lin Gangxue is close to Shen Xuan.,I said to Shen Xuan.。
Oy,This look,Can have oh。
actually,Shen Xuan is not because Lin Gangxue said with himself to watch movies.。
Shen Xuan him,He wants to be young,Learn more advanced knowledge at home and abroad,Live to the old,Learned。
kindness,correct,Be right,This answer is perfect。