Blue Xin and Mu Dad Mu play a greet,Mu Zihao is also,There are also a few Mujia’s relatives,Blue Xin doesn’t know,I also smiled and said.。

She hugs little auspicious in her arms,Dear his forehead。
“Little auspicious,Do you want Mommy??”Blue Xin shakes his little hand。
Xiao auspicious chubby little face laughs in her non-stop,Obviously like。
When Lu Hao came in, he saw this scene.,She smiled and hugged the child.!
“A Cheng came!”Mu Ziyi saw Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao points,Greet you with everyone。
Mo Qi will come in。
Mu Ziyi glanced,“I bought something gift to our son.。”
His son is happy today.,Coin the rich three generations。
Blue Xin played a little auspicious child,Laugh:“With your home strength,Little auspicious is not missing,I still have some small clothes.,There is also auspicious, as a bracelet,There is also a big red envelope。”
“Quite real。”Le Yu smiles and charming,Rely on Mu Zizi。
“Truth!”Lu Haocheng looked at it。
The eyes are fixed and fixed on the Blue House holding the child.,Slightly:“Wife,You have a good appearance of your child.!”
“Yes?”Blue Xin’s face floated。
“Blue,You are very early.。”Ning Feifei’s voice,Blue Xin looked up,Ning Feifei is getting fat up.,But not fat,Runful little face blooms this gloss。
“Fifi,Aura,You are coming。”She laughed。
Ou Jing nodded,With Ning Feifei, a red envelope is given to Le Yu.。
Le Yu Yuke Case:“Aura,Fifi,People are good,I am so embarrassed.。”
European:“Then I took it back.。”
Le Yu is quickly hiding the red envelope,Looking at the European,“Else,I am just polite.。”
“Ha ha……”
Everyone was laughed by her exaggeration.。
Follow,Lin Ye,Lin Biao,Han Jingjing also arrived。
Although Su Sei Ming did not wake up,Su Mom also came over,Because you have to take care of the security in the month,She has no longer stay,And Mu Ziyu said a few words and hurriedly left。
Gu Mu and Gu Dad have come.,Banquet,Everyone enters the seat,Blue Xin and Mom and Dad,Happy to talk about the most interesting things。
Lin Damai looked at Lu Haozheng,I am very glad to listen to his words, no stock。
She has a few friends who are lost.,There are a few people can’t find it.。
“Ugh!”She sighed slightly,Jiangyou stock market change,Really not average people to play。
Lan Xin looked at my mother smiles,Low voice:“Mother,Don’t worry,There is a good project in the future, let you invest more。”
“OK,Still my daughter is best。”Lin Deman lovingly pinching her daughter’s face,This skin,Just like she is as good as she,Very white。
Blue Xin smiles,Not talking。
A high-grade restaurant,Light music listening to a comfortable。
Li Shuyi and Li Xingchen sat in the window of the window waiting for Gu Yi。
Gu Yi has arrived downstairs,Because I want to see the big brother of Li Su,He is doing very formal。