Six Holy Peaks Universe,In a mysterious place,The purple figure suddenly opened his eyes,Eyes full of joy。

“There is another genius,After the first test of the ancestor!Let me check,It turned out to be an elite disciple of the Sage of the Heart,Worthy of a sect disciple。In contrast, the disciples of our three major families are too useless。”
“Father,How difficult is the inheritance you arranged?,But also the ruler、Only true gods are qualified to accept。”
“Triple level,One level is more difficult。The first level just requires a strong individual,Some ancient rulers can still achieve,But the second level and the third level require will,Requires a divine route and genetic level,It’s too difficult。”
“Don’t talk about our six holy peaks,Even in the origin continent,There may also be geniuses who can reach that level. The king of gods is willing to accept as disciples.,Although his father is also a god king level,But the strength can only be considered weak in the god king level,And did not establish a kingdom。That genius is not willing to worship him。”
“Young genius,I don’t know if you can pass the second and third test of your father。”
“The second test,not sure what it is?”
Li Ming looked at the ground in front of him,Focus on。
This is the land like hell,Lava eruption,The ground is dark red。
This is similar to the shape of some planets when they were just born。
only,The temperature of that lava is billions of times the temperature at the core of a normal planet。
“Although Elder Yu did not say clearly,But I can also guess something,The first test is strength,The second or third pass should test the level of will and divine power,Just how to test it?Is it like the pure coercion before??”
A huge rock giant‘Rise from the ground’!
Is truly rising from the ground,A hand of the rock giant caught the earth,Suddenly as if the earth is turning,The whole land seems to be caught in his hands。
The rock giant’s eyes are full of kindness。