But from now on this extent,Shen Xuan’s heart,It is quite clear that it is。

Other things,In fact, there is nothing to say.。
but,Li Yuhong’s heart,Undoubtedly still very angry。
“hateful,It’s really so angry.,How can happen this happen??”
Li Yuhong saw this,deep in the heart,It’s like a flame in burning there.。
This is here,Uninoup,Or let Li Yuhong feel,She should pick up Shen Xuan。
otherwise,It’s hard to hate。
“If you don’t agree,That blocked you。”
“I have some status in the entertainment circle of Su-Hangzhou City.,Want to blocked you such a little star,It’s more than enough。”
When Li Yuhong comes up,A very proud look, said to this。
But this time,For Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan is not intended at all。
“To blocked me?”
This,It is Shen Xuan to hear the most funny jokes.。
Don’t say that Shen Xuan’s identity is here.。
Even if Li Yumhong is now able to block,Also ask the starlight entertainment agreed to agree or agree。
And Li Yuhong,See Shen Xuan like this,I thought Shen Xuan was afraid.。
then,Li Yuhong continued here。
“All right,Don’t look like this,In fact, the whole circle is like this.。”
“If you have served me,I won’t treat you.。”
Li Yuhong said,On the side of Shen Xuan。
but,Li Yuhong looks like this,It’s a disgust of Shen Xuan.。
Shen Xuan slowly looked up,Gaze,Falling on Li Yuhong in front of him。
This moment,How can Shen Xuan still know,What is Li Yuhong’s heart?。
“I think,You might make mistakes。”
“If you want to toss,Just toss,I do not mind。”
When Shen Xuan’s words finished,For Li Yuhong and the assistant to the side,obviously,It is completely not expected.。
what,what is happening?
And this thing makes people can’t prevent it.。
at this time,Li Yuhong is a bit wonderful。
“Boy,Advise you to consider it clearly,Don’t take your own future with your own future.。”
When Li Yuhong’s words said,This is to let Shen Xuan don’t think。
what happened,Is it said that Shen Xuan said,Not enough not enough??
When I saw it here,Shen Xuan is not at all。
“Humph,What is my future joke?,you,Can you still take me??”