She looked at Hao Chengs,Be very tired,At least,She and his husband are love.。

Gu Anan laughed at Lu Haocheng.,Sound sweet:“Haojia brother,Son,We don’t bother you overtime,I am gone with my mother.。”
Lu Haocheng did not lift the eyelids,Still sitting coldly。
Mu Zi took the nod to the two.,Two people left。
This time,Muzi has a full of eyes,I have always seen their mother and daughter entered the elevator.,He closed the door of the office。
Back to the office,One ass sitting on the sofa,Deep callout a breath。
tired,tired,A word,Be tired!
Mu Zizi is only tired of his life.。
He has a little irritability,Let your own breath first。
NS211chapter:congratulations,Locked back lost for more than ten years

NS211chapter:congratulations,Locked back lost for more than ten years
Lu Haocheng has a long legs,I have come to him.。
He is elegant,Then,Pick up the information on the table,Open in person。
Mu Zizi looked deeply,Handsome overflow a touch of excitement,Lu Hao’s insistence in these years,Right。
Maybe it is a belief that I don’t give up.,His life will be redeemed in this waiting。
He smiled happily,Take his shoulders,Laugh:“Hao Jun,Your premonition is right,Blue Xin and Lady,Is a mother and daughter relationship,congratulations,Locked back lost for more than ten years。”
At this time,Lu Hao Cheng has opened a bag,Mu Ziqi’s words made him feel away from a joy。
He looked quickly,He holds the hand of the information bag,Instantly tight,Due to death,His fundus,Instant red。
found it,Finally found。
Lu Haocheng excitedly trembled.。
This is more than ten years,He is excited for the first time,First time I am happy,A strong joy instantly surrounded his whole body。
Blue,Everyone said,You are dead,But I don’t believe,I have always believed,You will definitely go back to me.,Because the night,You haven’t come yet, give me a birthday.,You will lose it.。
Adults often joking,Let you grow up,Be sure to marry me。
that time,I feel very bored.,They are still small,Say such a word,Be too early。
But you always have a happy full level,grown up,Want to marry me。
Lu Hao is immersed in his own memories.,That cute little face,That pair of beautiful and bright eyes,When you see him,Always shine。
Mu Zi looked excitedly he,Also very happy for him,He is full of blue blue,The two are married from the novel.。
Hao Cheng did not find warmth on his parents,Instead, in a child,Found a warm warm。
maybe,For so many years of waiting,Lu Haocheng had already regarded Gu Yi blue as the only wife in life.。
It is quiet in the office,Only Lu Haozheng strong breathing。
The face found a gentle expression of the world,Let people look happily。
Mu Ziyou:“Hao Jun,I have found her now.,What do you plan to do??”
Hoheng’s greatest concern,Qinning,That woman,A belly。
Haojia’s mother,It’s for her forced,Nowadays, there is no drop.。
Always think about Hao Cheng’s life,Then exclusively。
Lu Haocheng fixed the excited mood,Used for a long time,He filled with a few cups of cool water.,A little more calm emotions。
He looked at Mu Ziyi:“This thing is in addition to our two,No one can say now,Waiting for me to clean up Lu Haokai mother and child,The three people of their mother and children can’t kill me now.。