“Do not……that’s not what it means。I……you,I……I just asked the staff of the platform to check your information,I saw that the personal information you filled in was just an ordinary office worker。You are almost out tonight200Ten thousand,The money……Didn’t you lose public funds as a reward??”

There was a fan of a popular female anchor on the Internet who stole millions of public funds for rewards,It turns out that Rosin is worried about this。
Chen Xiu feels warm for the kindness of rosin,After all, few normal people can hold back200Multi-million discount,Voluntarily returned。
“Wan was indeed an office worker two days ago,But today I have demolished the second generation,The money is absolutely clean,Don’t worry。”
Chen Xiu evil sent this message interestingly,Without waiting for Rosin’s opportunity to reject itself, it will go offline,Go to sleep beautifully。
To Rosin, I saw his reply,Seeing the other party’s reply is mostly teasing myself,Just about to talk to him again,The other party went offline。
Don’t know for a while,What to do with Chen Xiu’s two million rewards。
“Big brother,I found……The kid I was in the game last time was the kid on the subway you told me to look for。”
at the same time,Sun San, who was kicked by Chen Xiu and broke his rib last time, listened to the reports of his men in the hospital bed.,I feel like reporting to my boss。
“There is such a coincidence?”The boss across from the phone was also taken aback。
“Yes,I couldn’t believe it when my staff found it,Especially fit them a few times,I have compared the photos taken from the subway monitor several times,Chen Xiu can’t be wrong。”