Heroes Association,SurveySLevel first“blasting”,I have always claimed before the other party.,I will only appear when I have a danger of the world.。

And what they face now,There is no doubt that is the crisis of the world.。
The big snake just smashed,Bring all the pressure on everyone。According to the association’s computer calculation,Just just one hit,Ministry of disaster level,It’s far more than“Dragon”。
ACity hospital,At this time, the metal ball sticks and silver teeth are also lying here.,There is also the martial arts of the fight contest together.。
Metal ball rod looks at the TV in the TV,Set up the coat is ready。
Although I know my own strength,Even if you can’t help it in the past?,But it is better than sitting here.。
Anything else,I am also a hero.,Since it is supported,Nature should bear the corresponding responsibility。
Unfortunately, he just stood up.,One of the pre-propied good sons is a slap,Put your brother back to the place。
The metal ball is as if it is like it.,Can only start persistent。
But good child,Brother is still a wounded,There are so many heroes there.,No need to come to the past to add chaos。
Ten thousand steps,Even my brother wants to pass the hero,Also say the body’s injury。
Brothers and sisters looking at interactive,Silver 獠 獠 没 没 没 没 没 没,Banggu is very open,Because of his eyes,I just found the night and Qi Jade from the TV.。
“Although this geeks are very strong,But we will not be too pessimistic.,At least the old man knows,Can defeat his hero,Moreover more than one!”
Unlike others,Banggu has seen Qi Yu shot more than once.,Whether it is a punched meteorite,Still easily, crushing the long and old crust of unable to break through。
Regardless of which aspect,Qi Yu is not a guy with them.。
As for the night, it is also almost,Since he became a hero,Dragon-level geeks who die in his hand are not a small number。
I used to be the same as atomic warriors.,They all rushed to think about the disciple of the disciple.,But now,He has already canceled this thought。
This brother of war chestnut,Somewhere is more metamorphosis than Qi Yu this monster,Every time I see each other,His strength will increase to another level。
As if there is no limit,Today,The strength of the night is far from yourself.,Receive the other party as a disciple,Banggu is really difficult to say。
And it is possible to face the presence of monsters with Qi Jade,How can it be a normal guy?。
I heard a state,Everyone in the field will focus on his body.,It seems waiting for him to say,Who is it to defeat this strong hero?。
“Instead of waiting for me,It’s better to let you use your eyes to witness better.。”
Banggu did not say the name of the night with Qi Jade,But a joke-like selling a climate。
“that is……Master!”Everyone is still guess who is the hero of Bang Gu said.,Suddenly, it was scared by the palm of the palm Boxing Lingling.。
Although the night is not intended to make an intent,But this girl seems to be the same as Jenos.,Calling others from Master。
But because of Lingling’s exclaimed,Everyone also put the line of sight back on the TV screen.。
At this time, people fighting with that monster,They all know,After all, the battle on the Martial Arts Fighting Competition,The same, let them affect deep。
And the attitude of the other party at the time,It’s almost like it now.,Golden rushing,It is like a flame-like golden air flame,And icy cyan eyelids。
There is no doubt that that is the martial arts fighting contest.SLevel hero’s tyrannical cold wind。
The Safe of the Snake,Sick by the night, I will avoid it.,At this time, he sprint in the direction of the big snake at high speed.。
Still not close to the body of the big snake,Night, I feel my own body.,It seems to be hindered by a layer,It should be a layer of cover.。
Combining this super movable user,Said snakes can not use super capabilities,And it will only become stronger。
And at this time,Is hitting a layer of superior capsule,I haven’t waited for him to do something.,When breaking this layer of shroud,Two black long thorn has once again wave。