at the same time,On the streets of the seventh school district。

The first spring wearing a variety of floral ornaments pushed a wheelchair and walked over the street.,Sitting in a wheelchair with a common disk school uniform,Tea red long hair combing a double horsetail,At this moment, the girl is looking at the eye.,Strive to suppress yourself over the horizon。
“Say,First spring,Why is such a hot day to push me out???”
“I think in such hot weather,We do our best to work outside,White well classmates are alone in the hospital’s air-conditioned room,I am very interested in my heart.。”Echyra and good smile,People look like a pure girl like a small flower,“So I want you to help you.。”
“I am really thank you for your perfect friendship.。”The white eye of the black child is still can’t rest in the first spring.,“After I hurt it later,Let me move to your clothes first,Let them suddenly disappear on the street?”
“That is still。”In the first spring, I listened to this sentence to play a cold.,It seems that I think that I am a man’s light standing on the shame scene on the street.,Let her have a decisive choice to shut up。
The black child nodded very satisfied.,Her injury is good.,What is the wheelchair now is no longer a necessity for her?,But because of a rigorous doctor,She has to continue to choose to take a break,So she does not hate this semi-incedial invitation in the early spring.,But this point if it is pushing a white heart black girl who is pushing a wheelchair.,She will definitely lose face。So she will not let the first spring know this.。
“Is there any situation??”Buy thought in the bottom of your heart,Asked with a faint opening。
“Nothing。”Mention,The first spring is also serious,“In addition to a few industrial spies that pretend to buy octopus,I want to analyze through students’ salivadnaMotor guy,What is the other?。”
“Well”Black is picking eyebrows,“That is indeed peace compared to last year.。what about others?”
“other”The first spring just wants to open,Sudden,Her eyes are attracted by the big screen of the street scroll。
“Get the first one of the Yumu Meiqin players,After arriving at the end, there is no bowing gasping.,Instead, I showed joy of joy to everyone.”
“sister~~~~~~”See this scene,The whole people are pink,Even the same look at the small stars。
Only the first spring face is strange,she knows,General messenger,The things that will happen will generally beat her face.
“At the same time, I also left a good impression on the care of the teenagers who accompanied together.,It seems that this teenager is not very good to her.!”
The broadcast is rare to open a joke,But the face of the black child is really black.,Especially when she saw the one‘Juvenile’That familiar face,And the two people sitting together,Her eyes are more revealing in substantially flames.!
“Destroy him!”
(This chapter is over)
NS372chapter Aura
“I didn’t expect this game, you actually lead the second place so much.?”Looking until it is the second place,The Meiqin next to the Qing Palace,“This game is about 15 minutes or so,You actually lead the second place for seven minutes???”
“That is。”Originally, some meticine, Meiqin heard the Qing Palace,Suddenly proudly raised,“Anything else,I am known as the ace of Chang Platak.,This little game,How can I live hard to live?。”
“cut,Not because you encounter me。”The Qing Palace is disdainful.,“otherwise,Just a high school student on the street,Others don’t think you are a madman.。”
“You are a madman!”Meiqin turned over white eyes,A punch hammer in the light car ripe in the shoulders of the Qing Palace。
I don’t know when this action begins.,It became a routine action for Meiqin to face the Qing Palace,Meiqin is more skilled in this action.,Even the gods that exceed the kick vending machine——“Chang Platform Middle School Secret Biography,Grandma-style forty-five degrees oblique attack mechanical maintenance method”,Therefore, Meiqin is now more and more smooth to this move.,Gradually become a signature action in the eyes of acquaintances。
“Painful pain!”The Qing Palace is exaggerated.,Then I played a good forehead.,“Don’t be so violent。”
“Only for you this guy,Is the best candidate using violence。”Meiqin,Lazy said,I don’t know what I still think of,Pretty face can’t help but stiff,Another punch is over the shoulders of the Qing Palace。
Qing Palace:“???”
“sister~~~~~”At this moment,One of the two people are more familiar with the emotions of suppression to the limit.,From behind the two,The back of the Qing Dynasty is cold after the Qing Dynasty.,This voice has been nearly near。
next moment,The Qing Palace is decisive from the ground.,Flying a fast,next moment,A wheelchair falls from the sky,Directly smashed the place where he was sitting。
“White well!”It’s anger when you are in the Qing Dynasty.,“How did you raise the habit of sending a wheelchair to a top of a head??!”
“Hello!”Meiqin is panicked to scream,“Black, you gave me a hand,Give me soon!”
“do not want。”At this time, the US is,I am dead, hanging a black child,Oh no,A tea red double horsetail,Girl looks slightly smaller than Meiqin,However, her eyes and elegant mixed temperament make her look quite extraordinary.,“If you just know。”This sentence is that she is twisted her head and watching the Qing Palace.。
“court death。”Qinggang smiled,Raise your hand and play a song。
The black scorpion is full of eyes,next moment,She only feels that the sun is suddenly glaring ten times.,Continuously with a mad temperature,Let her actually have a sense of mulberry.。But the magical thing is,Meiqin, who is tightly held, doesn’t feel this feeling,It is still the kind of cool feeling released before the Qing Palace.。
“you”The black son is stunned to watch the Qing Palace,Anger,“Please do your personal!”
“Stupid black。”The Qing Dynasty smiles against her,Routing your hand stopped the sun physiotherapy,“You think that you can make your sister realize your love??”
“Of course!”The Qing Palace does not mention this.,I put this, the burner is highly fighting.,It is simply spurting flames in the eyes.,“Since this,Let my sister feel that I feel the most flacted love for her.!Use this love as a blackman rehabilitation”