Before the official introduction is too and restructure,First of all, let’s talk about the filial piety,That is, Yuan Hong came to the stage before and after,What is the situation in Fresh Help Wei?。

There is a study of Japanese professor in Chinese history, called Chuan Bentang,very famous。He is the definition of the North and South Dynasties“China’s collapse and expansion”,Author Jun believes,This definition is very concise and precise。
After the death of the Northern Wei Dynasty,The national surface is still a heroic,But internally deep crisis,Have a point where you have to resolve。
First,Also the most direct reason,Freshly polar people have their own,But there is no unique word to carry these changes.。
So in the process of establishing the Northern Wei,Xianbei Chinese bilingual parallel,Chinese character independent record,No new things。This causes the expansion of the site,The complexity of the Decree Order,The Hanhua of the Fresh Better has not avoided。
Even if you don’t do a so-called Chinese reform,This process has changed,Also reversible。
In fact,Northern Wei ruler,Choosing the use of Chinese characters as official record words,Not creating a unique“Fringe”。This point of view,In the contemporary Chinese historiography, it is already the conclusion of publicincinal conclusions.,No need to quo,There are a lot of things to prove that the Xiber is using Chinese characters to record Xianbei.。
this phenomenon,In the official and private,It has caused great inconvenience between people.!
second,Economical,The problem facing the Northern Wei,With the front Qin in front,Forever,Follow the back,The problem encountered is consistent。From the nomad economy to a farming economy,The upper building should also be adapted to。
When the hit on the ground is belonging to himself.,How to govern,Has been a top priority。The Emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Approach“Prosperous,Han Children”,Don’t say this,There is a great disadvantage,In the war,There are not many Xianbei population accelerated!
When Tuo Hong is in place,Lai Lai Ren’s Xianbei Military Power,Already can’t be caller。That year in Tuoba Hong,,More than 300 peasters have occurred,Average once a day。
Many people think that Tuoba Hong is reforming the self-destruction.,National national sinner。But you have to look good.,If Tuohong does not change,Frequently, it is very likely to have for 20 years.!Even ten years is enough。Before Xiangbei Tuo,There are a lot of living examples posing there.。
At that time, the Northern Wei economy was already in the edge of the crash.,Can not take Taishi and reform to be rich in Northern Wei to go to the Northern Wei。
third,It is also the most important point,It is that there is too much ruling class.!And some people who should not be a ruling class have the ordinary Xianbei Tribe。
Should be part of the ruling class,A large amount of land and production materials,But there is no corresponding power status,This country can stabilize the Han people’s landlord and the family?
The former Qin dynasty is extremely deep,Its Confucian level exceeds many South Dynasties,But there is no success in the former Qin??not at all。 Former Yan Hanheng is also very deep,The Hanhua level of Xianbei Murong is far from the Xianbei Tutu at the time.,But there is no success??nor。
Is it because the northern Han people suspect that they are not Chinese??
In fact, it is just that the landlord is unable to participate in the national decision.,Can’t be a master,So can people not make trouble??
Northern Wei Dynasty after Tuo Killing Cui Hao,The Han people in the north have changed their minds.,Big people to die, the heart of the Northern Wei Dynasty,Those farmers uprising,More than 300 times a year,When I really have to push the boost behind it??
So saying in front of Tuohong,A rotten stall,Not a good thing for outsiders。Fresh Help Wei If you don’t reform,Then it will die,This does not need to explain。
fourth,other reasons
These are more miscellaneous。For example, the Northern Wei Dynasty City, the town of the city, Today, Shanxi,Be too far away,Climate bitter。It is difficult to control the prosperity of the Central Plains.。
The capital is too close to the grassland.,Always threatened by the nomad。The front road of the Central Plains is far away,The aversion of the grassland has been broken,Mody is imperative。
Institutional backwardness,Officials did not,Life rewarded by the central government。Once the reward,There are no other economic sources,It is possible to starve death。This is the sequelae of the Northern Wei Dizhan.。
This phenomenon causes the officialdom of the center to be confused.,Officials have to launch a war in order to live privately。
For example, because of the war,Land mergers,Local heroic,The original land is lost in the original land,New land they can’t occupy,Leading public security,Aft。
Integrated crisis,Let Xiaoyi will make a decision to reform。In fact, he was as early as the year.,Feng Tai’s pro-government period,The put of the reform has begun.,What measures?,Next story。
NS620chapter Well…It is not a discussion.
“These books,I want to make brothers should give the next one.。
I have not been confident that I can’t afford to work.,Even the Cui Niangzi rushed me out of the door.,I am also serving her for the parent now.。This is so bad that it is under the name,I am afraid some can’t go.?”
Gao Bao shakes the booklet in the shake,Allah。