“I must eat it!I didn’t eat in the morning,I’m hungry long ago”Wang Youfa said,So I sat on the edge of the garden。

Wang Degui said coldly:“Eat early,Or call back“Wang Youfa became honest immediately。
First0736chapter The origin of a box of silver dollars
Chen Yueqin may only cook for three people,This Wang You sent back,Naturally there will be less rice。Wang Degui ate a bowl and then stopped eating,I can see that he wants to let Wang Youyoufa eat his own bowl。
Chen Yueqin is the same,She only ate one bowl and didn’t eat it again。Wang Youfa doesn’t care about this food,He sat down at the dinner table,Had a great time。
after eating,Wang Youfa wiped his mouth,Then turned around and asked Wang Youcai:“I http://www.espressomovie.cn said Boss Wang,Recently I heard that you are in trouble,Become a small person in Pingdu,Don’t you help me?“
“what happened to you?The son-in-law of the big boss,Also the director of Huaguan Electric Factory,Want money to be rich,Right and right,what can I do for you?”Wang Youcai said disdainfully。
Wang Youfa listened,Not only not angry,Instead laughed loudly:“Brother!These brothers you mentioned do have,But I have no money,Can you turn around one hundred and eighty thousand for brother to use”
One hundred thousand,Eighty thousand,Wang Youcai listened,Xin Shiyuan’s anger burned。This guy is not good at it,The tone of speech has never been small,In front of my brother,He is like this too。
“Bastard,What do you want,Marry a wife or have children?”Wang Degui sitting aside can’t listen anymore,He shouted。
As the eldest son of the family,I’ve never been a brother,Instead, he kept asking his brother to help him。All these parents are watching。
Wang Youfa didn’t expect a joke of his own to make Dad so angry,It stands to reason that he will be fine as long as he explains,But guys don’t know what’s wrong,He stood up abruptly,Said coldly to Wang Degui:“enough!Although I am your son,But I don’t owe you anything?”
“what?what did you say?You don’t owe us anything?Meaning we owe you something?”Wang Degui was furious,He jumped off the wicker chair excitedly,The look of beating。
It’s this time,Wang http://www.hbdmsz.cn Youfa just need to say a few soft words,This war can be avoided,But this guy is special today,He replied:“I went out when I was sixteen,I didn’t go to school,How much bitter,How much sin suffered,Do the three of us enjoy the same treatment at home??”
Wang Youfa is right,He didn’t go to much school,Not like the second son,He has been there for a few years,Even this Wang Youcai,He has been on for a few years。
“Don’t have so many complaints,You are the boss of the family,Should have more care。Besides, it was the school you asked to quit,No one of us forced you to do this。Talk about treatment,What kind of treatment do you want?”Chen Yueqin who came out of the kitchen asked sharply。
Seeing that his parents treat him like this,Wang Youfa is even more popular,He whispered:“What’s the situation in this family,I know best。My second child http://www.tcylwy.cn went to school and spent so much money,The third child, you left him a bottom,what do I have?You treat me like this”