And the warriors and the great warriors below are pale—Not only the warriors and great warriors of the five major families,It’s the same for those strong inside Qifeng Martial Arts Hall。

“This is really interesting~”Li Ming’s face is strange。But at the moment he is ready to shoot the target,Already from that‘Red Elder’became‘Guan Qifeng’。
And while Li Ming’s thoughts turned,The remaining upper body of the Zhang family ancestors has begun to control the gene force to fly and flee quickly,At the same time the lower body is gradually recovering。However, he has completely lost his combat effectiveness,How could he escape the joint pursuit of the two killer elders?。
finally,Scimitar flashes,Accurately pierced into the body of the ancestor of the Zhang family‘Singular point’,That is the core of the life of a domain master。And Zhang Family Patriarch’s frightened and angry expression freezes for a moment。
After killing Zhang family ancestor,Guan Qifeng did not stop,Just glanced at the Qifeng Martial Arts Hall below with a look of emotion and entanglement,Fly directly to the southwest with Elder Red。
But here,Even in the entire Yanya region, there is only one old dead Lieshan martial arts museum master who is the domain master.,Naturally it is impossible for anyone to stop them from leaving。
The practitioners of Yuan Qifeng Martial Arts Hall and the powerful men surrounded outside also looked at each other.,The five major family forces and the forces of Qifeng Martial Arts Hall still have absolute contradictions in their interests.,But the only domain master of the five major families has fallen,And the master of Qifeng Martial Arts Hall is basically the elder master of Killer Tower.。
It can be said,This battle has reduced the strength of the two forces by a notch.,Many pretenders may take the opportunity to emerge。Although knowing that at this moment, Qifeng Martial Arts Hall‘Swallow’Is the most suitable。But those in power in the five major families gave up this plan,Quickly take people back to the family residence to deploy。
In the next few years,Dramatic changes have taken place in the entire Yanyin domain。The old and cunning Lieshan martial arts museum owner quietly killed more than half of the five major families before the arrival(Universe)。
Then there is a group from‘Shenwu Temple’Team of warriors,Ordered to investigate Guan Qifeng,A fatal blow to the already crumbling Qifeng Martial Arts Hall,Although no one was harmed,But the whole Qifeng Martial Arts Hall has completely collapsed。
The collapse of the old forces,The rise of new forces,These Li Ming didn’t know anything。
After quietly leaving some treasures for the brothers and sisters surnamed Yang,Li Ming quickly followed the two killer elders,Quickly disappeared into the flames。
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