but,Shen Xuan did not avoid it.,Instead, stand directly here.,Slowly raise his head to see Huang Yuanjiang in front of him。

“Do you think,This look,Is it enough??”
This,With Shen Xuan’s words。
Next moment,Shen Xuan is even more,Directly quickly started。
It’s undeniable,Shen Xuan’s strength has been strong than Huang Yuanjiang.。
Shen Xuan directly grabbed the knife in front of him,Powerful。
Huang Yuanjiang in front of you,Whole person pupil contraction,A little big big big。
“This,how come?”
Huang Yuanjiang is going to say something。
but now,Directly slammed,Fall down。
Looking at Huang Yuanjiang in front of him,Former,Shen Xuan is very angry。
“do you died,This is fine.。”
“These people”
Shenxuan original,I still don’t know how to set my eyes before the eyes of these yellow http://www.swanrose.cn family.。
but,Beside,Lu Fei Yu said a few words in Shen Xuan’s ear.。
“Leader,these people,All participated in the action of dealing with our War Gods.。”
If this is said,That can be very too much.。
Think here,Shen Xuan big hand,Simply。
“One does not stay,All resolved!”
Shen Xuan voice falls,Warmist warrior around me,It’s even more straightforward.。
Now,It is not an easy to simply say it clearly.。
Since this,So sorry,Directly solve it。
“damn it,I will fight directly with them.。”
“Say something wrong,This is our chance,It should be accelerated.。”
“Yes,Who said is not?,Let’s everyone,In fact, there is no good wait.。”
With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
obviously,Such a thing,How should I deal with?。
In fact, it is not necessary to say,Also known。
http://www.zhencaijipin.cn Such situation,In fact, how long does it http://www.stjld.cn last?。