Feelings,Turn around。
I saw a vicious watch on him.。
Summer laughs。
I saw the high-grade sofa on the left side of the front.,Youth men who are sitting in seven or eight temperament。
It is worth mentioning that,In their weeks,There is a blank area of about 3 meters.。
And this three meters of blank area,Let them distinguish between other guests here。
No one will easily stepping or forward。
But many people’s eyes are from time to time.,I am envious and god in my eyes.。
The owner falling in the summer,It has also been intended at this noon.……Xu Bo。
Not only one of him,Summer sees a few mature faces。
Ancient morning,Ming Hutuan,And Yang Jia Yang Haoyu, who has had conflict in Beijing,Sitting with Chen Feiyan and Chen Feiyan sister。
Besides,There are two acquaintances。
One is the Qin Haotian that has been mad in the summer of the old city.。
And another person makes the summer more accidents.,It is Zhao You to have a guy who is afrained in the world.。
But think carefully,In fact, there is nothing strange.。
Like them,Maybe it will look at each other in private.,Or in the face of each other。
But in this public,Will not be rude,At least a group and gas。
I saw the summer look at the summer.,Xu Bo’s mouth pulled out a hatred of a poison,Later recovered,Continue to chat with everyone。
However, his different still makes a few people,A few eyes are free to come。
“what?Old summer!”
Zhao You is a bit surprised,And laughter,Far away,“Old summer,Sitting here。”
He is a big voice,And no sound of your own,Just finished,Surrounded by a look at。
There are curiosity among these eyes.,Surprised,Envy,Doubtful。
In their view,Can make Super Hamen Zhao Jiazi Zhao Yusheng invited,Summer is obviously not ordinary identity,Darkiate。
Summer is dark and sighful。
Maybe for others,Can with the capital of several top sons to talk close to,It is absolutely excited.。
Can be used to him,Really not something worth proud。
Moreover,In addition to Zhao You,Several people have been packed by him。
Not afraid and retreat,Instead, I don’t want to provoke some unnecessary trouble.。 He hates trouble。
I don’t want to waste the water waste.。
I don’t like to play with these people.。
But Zhao Youwu is invited to do so many people.,It’s not good as I haven’t heard it.,Sink,Or just stepped away。