“But now,He moved this,Su Gongzi still thinks that he has no disaster??Still I don’t do something wrong??”

“We have never thought that he is so unbelievable.,These things are not what we can think of!”
Ye Xunning’s tone makes Niu Niu feel very off,Can’t help,
“Say directly,Which businessman doesn’t care about it, can you earn money??”
“and,He should be able to count the big buyer.!”
“We are just this shared to do business.,Ye Gongzi doesn’t have to be so difficult to listen.!”
“Niu Niu!”
Su Yuqing pulled a girl,
“Ye Gongzi should not care!My little girl tells, I am not so good.,But this is true that this is true.!”
When Su Yuqing received a message from Niu Yuxi, it was very confused.,But he believes that Niu Niu will do a reason to have her reasons.,Even if it is not just right,He also always stands at home.。
“Ye Xiaogong,Is there any solution to what is solved??We have a good skill to cooperate with!”
Although according to Niu Niu’s statement,Everything from home is reasonable and legitimate。
But this thing involves too big,Will not think about it as simple as it is now。
I would rather kill a thousand,Cannot let alone!It is very likely to happen!
So Su Yuqing has only played such a message.。
Ye Xunning http://www.nchhz.cn is a child,There must be a way to keep your own。
Even if you can’t,It can also help the old generals say a few words.。
Niu Niu apparently thought of this layer,Not blocked。
“Army in the military,You can help some busy!”
Since wood is already a boat,The most important thing is to solve the problem.,Difficulties in front of you。
Ye Xunning presents this condition at this time,Not afraid that Su Yuqing does not agree。
Niu Niu, I really didn’t think people’s face would be so thick.,Actually, this is the emperor.。
“it is good,I will repair a book.,Let the Hao uncle turn all the food to you!But you know this weather,It is estimated that some time is!”
“nothing,These me to arrange!”
Niu Niu only knew,moment,The home of his home is hollowed out.!
But there is no way。
“Niu Niu,Do you know http://www.hyraxoil.cn this??”
When Su Yuqing got up to the study,Niu Niu accused。
Ye Xunning only looked up and looked at it.,No sound。
“I have no idea,But this important thing,One south definitely won’t tell me!”