In short,This is a happy event in North Zhou。Because this marriage,Although I took a lot of salt and tea out of the North Zhou.,But I will return to an urgent horses and other livestock.。

Livestock is a good transportation tool,Especially the cattle,Extremely useful。
I will liberate the monks in North Zhou.,These people are used to open farmland,Just lack cultural cattle。Today’s Turkish“dowry”,It can be said that there is the existence of charcoal in the snow.,Great reinforcement of the North Zhou’s short board。
I added the cavalry,Two complementary cow,It can be said that direct combat power and indirect logistics replenishment,Get a strengthening。
Remove Turkic Women You have not yet saved,others,Yu Yu is still very satisfied。
more importantly,This Fanjin,The hit is the brother of the wooden pole,A Shi Naki’s forces。And this person,It is the wooden rod-sweatstanding in the city of Qizhou.。
A Shi Nakhead is destroyed,Turkic east is ready to move。One time,Wood protection is definitely needed to spend a lot of energy and financial resources.,There is no effort to find the North Zhou.。
So this year,It should be a year of openout,Yu Hao is so thinking。
“His Majesty,Newcomers have to enter the cave,Don’t you say two words??”
Dou Yi, who is busy with Qi Wangfu, smiled and asked。As a brother-in-law,Dou Yi is of course eligible to have a variety of issues here.。
Seeing that Yu Yu is not,Dou Yi low channel:“Brothers,Its discontinuation。Today, Qi Guiji,Your Majesty is really not self-cut.。”
Seeing Dou Yi’s hardships,Yu Yu sighed:“That thick and wild,I am not very rare.,It is this face that is hurting.。Hob,Zhou Guo’s face。”
“Wooden sweat two peaches。But my Majesty is thinking about it.,Qi Wang Hao,Can you turn out what mess??Is it a better way to show your fists??”
I heard this,Yu Yu’s face slightly:“I hope you are willing.。”
NS1046chapter Long-term layout
Gao Boyi led the goddess to the master Jinyang,What is the first thing to do,That is to open a grain。
Who is open??Um,Be unfounded,But those are very prosperous and expensive。These people have the biggest few more than Congxiao.,Remainder“Check the clearing”Almost no luck。
Leaders and their homes will have,Jinyang“hometown”Family,Naturally, it is no longer。
The second thing to do with Gao Boyi,It is to disperse all Xianbei military households according to the original sequence.,Form a named“Construction Corps”Institution,And organize these people to collect them to the west of Yucheng!
Don’t go or not,the reason is simple,Because it is now open,These people have a fortune to join the army,Don’t go wrong,Can they live this year??
Continuous planting,They have been sent by Tang Zhu Zheng.,Leave“home”Be inevitable。
As for why they are placed in the west of Yucheng,Gao Boyi has its own consideration,It’s still not everywhere.。 However,If the military is a clean,Where is Jinyang who come to Jinyang??
This is the third thing that Gao Bao’s next dry,Dial the military to the military to Jinyang“Training”!This year, Jinyang will not have food here.,That is just not to type.。
Directly strengthen military functions。But who guards Jinyang this matter,Gao Bao is a challenge。
The first batch of poorer in Xianbei Military,Already followed by the Shenmei army Zhou Zhi City。At this time, spring blossoms,Xiongcheng Jinyang looks,But a few points of life in the past。
Gao Bo Yi took Li Delin,Walking in the fields around Jinyang,Looking at the ridiculous land,There is also a rolling water,Can’t help but take a look。
“Large manager,This year’s season has been abolished,Could not,Jinyang this fertile soil,Now I can only ridicule?”
Li Delin looked at the wild grass in the field,I can’t help but distressed Tang Yuxi selling Patong。Running enough,It’s really can’t hate him a knife.。
“If it is here,Then I have the difference between the barbarians of the Hundred Years?Don’t you live back??”
Gao Bao said with a smile,I can’t see it on my face.。
10 years ago,Missing the wrong problem,That is to change the cultivated land to the grassland,Results a wave of peasant undersishes,Until Feng Tai’s reasons,Talent to improve。
Gao Baoyi means very well,He won’t even have these rings that will take the initiative to change bad habits.。