Chapter 182 Quantum

“Don’t you be other chips??”Han Jiang asked。
The fans are very sure:“Is armed people,Although only the chip is not necessarily successful,But they already have a clear direction。”
Hear the explanation of the wings of the flag,Hanjiang inner vibration。
The era of 50,000 years ago,Technology is just like helping!
The scientific knowledge left by Outo,Outo is not completely unlocked,It is possible to press the collapse。
Armed people in parallel time and space can support the ninth legal attack,Here, if you completely put the armed people successfully,That collapse
“However, the chip is just a prototype.,The high level of the fire moth on time should only be planned.,There is no clear goal。”Fanwing。
Xier suddenly shouted a sentence,Hanjiang back half a step,The sickle chopped the side of Hanjiang.。
The sound of the collision of the golden stone sounds,Xier’s nursery rhymes collided with a blue sickle together。
Hanjiang’s own reaction is also fast enough,After finding more than one dead,The red scorpion is holding the past.。
That only suddenly appeared by the dead,The figure suddenly flashed up and disappeared in the void。
“What is this a dead?!”Han Jiang is surprising。
Flying over the bify of the chip on the conveyor belt,Start alert。
Just now, the dead slag is comparable.,Actually you can come quietly。
“Is a quantum sea unique monster!”Xier said whisper。
“Quantum sea unique monster?”Han Jiang repeat。
Hi Xia nodded:“That is the monster formed by the quantum,Can be shuttle in the void,Only a specific weapon can hurt。”
“Han Jiang brother,You are careful,Shier will protect yours.!”Hi Lier holds a softkey standing in front of Han Jiang,God is very firm。
Han Jiang pinched the red dragonfly in the hands,Actually, I can meet the monsters of the quantum of the sea.。
but,Hanjiang’s red 缨 is not ordinary weapon,It’s still no problem to kill the quantum.。
“Why is there a monster that there is a quaint sea?,Is it a weak point in the world??”The shiny of the flag。
“In our world’s weaknesses,There will be a quantum of shadow,But an average of a few years will eventually appear,Fundamentally can’t make any threat to our family。”
“Is it a weak point in a world or a world??”
Han Jiang’s heart understands,Kai can’t know all related secrets,The world wall here is weak。
or,Kai said that someone will use the time difference to seek the future resources.,I deliberately don’t reinforce the world wall here.。
Whether it is the kind of guess,Not a good thing。
Only the world wall of the quantum,What useful information。
The only useful message now is,The last era is intended to manufacture armed people,Still in the test stage。
Hanjiang a gun,Re-spurs the deficiency of the dead。
Hanjiang itself has a spatial property of space attributes,Whether the fluctuations in space are still weakly perceived。