The anti-corruption big drama "break through" into explosive power actor "breakout"

  "Broken" into explosion models, power actors "break through" Zhang Ying anti-corrupted drama "break" broadcast close to the end, the network score is gradually high, the audience is getting better and better. The TV series of this original "people’s property" did not take a few years ago, "the people ‘s nominal" heat, and since the self-confidence comes from its own strength.

  In the drama of "breakout", almost all big and small characters are rid of the face, called the name, it is not homoked, but as the audience, they are brought into the characters in the drama. Will dance: Yan Dong is a little fear, but the Qi Ben Ann; Huang Zhizhong is the word, some autocratic Lin Manjiang; 乐 is a little rogue, but the underlying worker has a responsible for the underlying worker. The high level of actors and characters determines the comfort of the audience, and it should be said that the old and middle-aged three-generation actors have done this.

  Yan Ni played the stone apricot, the main line of the whole department, her superior leader Lin Manjiang has a grace of her, work partner Qi Bao is her familiar, intimate and hostile partner, this person stands, the whole drama Life.

Our impression of Yan Ni is shy, occasionally style, she has been famous for the "Wulin Biography", and she has been in the past, and she has created a lot of different types of women, "breakout" stone apricot, let us It is still possible to see Yan Ni.

This character is very kind, but it is very up, her personality has a small girl’s worship, and has the belly black of the competitors. This person is fresh because Yan Ni is fresh, and it is unsulic. "Breakout" from Qi Benan to open, Shi’Adprptic knows that the "small thin monkey" brother who is improper approval is to lead himself, do not give him the office, go to the upper level, despite this, she can still The face is not red, and it is unhappy, showing the familiarity of the past. Yan Ni puts the stone red apricot is also a small woman’s temperament, especially when she finally realized that she fell into Lin Manjiang’s circle, became his chess, from Lin worship, the bones, to Wan Disappointment, all showe. Yan Ni and Huang Zhizhong’s confrontation, not a hole in the eyes, but there is a complex emotion in the eyes, Yan Ni interprets the stone will have a vivid and fresh, which is called a good actor. Performance. Yanle is in my opinion, a strong male actor, has not had a big red and purple, and it is not a strength.

However, in the "breakout", the performance of the music is surprising: The previous literary man, the top of a curly hair, not repairing the edge, did not say a few words, no temper. However, Yan Le did not simply shape the Niu Junjie into a violent man, and the experience of Niu Junjie made him deep feelings about the miners, and rushed to them, when they were forced to succeed; when they were ore He is anxiety and worry in his eyes;

耿 乐 的 牛,, is not a thin portrait of a big old rough image, but a very rich husband, mine manager.

  The most fascinating is the actor Chen Xiao. To be honest, I didn’t think that the reporter Qin Xiao Chong’s players were the original "beautiful male". Before Chen Xiao’s impression in our mind, a fresh meat. In the drama of "breakout", Chen Xiao’s performance has also achieved "breakout". Flat head, bearded, there is a division, tenacity.

To be honest, Chen Xiao can strive to Qin Xiao Chong, this role. It is risky for the manufacturer, but he really makes Qin Xiaochong become a surprise, "the ancient beauty" is tough, not only looks at the eyes, but also has successfully transformed a success of Chen Xiao. , Is a good correction for the big aesthetics of men’s aesthetics – grandfather! If the famous writer Zhou Meson is a stronger basis for the play, then many powerful actors furnished the pure acting, adding a real firewood to "break through", let it become a burst of red-red explosions. The "breakout" power actor is also played together, let the actors who have become a variety of variety, and play a good actor.