["Reporting to the People" Interview 1] Xinjiang: Let the migrant workers no longer "pay"

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate, the third-level prosecutor, the third-level prosecutor Wang Yixin Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the Labor Supervision Department of the Social Security Department: Solving the problem of migrant workers, need administration, justice and other many departments work hard.

How do I deal with the people’s procuratorate of the autonomous region in arrears the wages of migrant workers? What a measure is taken? Wang Mei: On May 1, 2020, my country’s first special regulations "Guarantee the Wage Payment Regulations to Guaranteners" provide a solid system support and legal guarantee for realization of radical arrears.

The Autonomous Region Procuratorate provides judicial guarantee for implementing the "Safe Work Sales Payment Ordinance", in order to achieve judicial guarantee, according to the regional characteristics of Xinjiang, the Administration Department has formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Special Supervision of Migrant Workers", From June 20020 to March 2021, the special supervision activities of migrant workers were launched in the whole, the construction project contract disputes, the dispute between state-owned land use rights disputes, demolition and resettlement compensation disputes, and social insurance disputes, Migrant workers’ work injury identification and administrative non-confidence implementation is the focus of work, and actively fulfill their jobs.

The Procuratorate of Xinjiang and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly introduced relevant collaborative mechanism documents, communicate with local communities, and intervene in timely intervention of migrant workers group, for the improper execution of the administrative organ, and the situation of being executed Procuratorate suggestions, for some types of cases such as difficulty, complex, involved in many people, and participate in the resolution of the controversy.

In particular, in cases involving legal relationships such as construction projects, procuratorates have made opinions from law enforcement directions, case qualitative, factual identification, evidence collection, legal applications, etc., and closely cooperate with human society, in-depth investigation, interpretation Letter, give full play to the function and technical advantages of both parties, form a work combination, resolve the administrative dispute from the source to achieve a win-win situation.

As of November 20020, the Autonomous Region Procuratorate conducted 152 people with salary cases, and proposed 96 procuratorates and helped migrant workers reached 10,000 yuan. Effectively solved a number of cases arrears in migrant workers, and played the legal supervision function of the administrative department.

People’s Network: With the New Year’s Day in 2021, the Spring Festival is approaching, the wages of migrant workers will enter the peak period. At this time, it is also a high-risk period of the price of the money, I will pay attention to what kind of problem when migrant workers meet the problem? Sun Yanliang: When you encounter a bad question, you must first figure out three questions: First, it is clear that the problem is to owe the migrant workers in the employer, or the individual owes the migrant workers; the second is to engage in the location of the employee, Which unit does the migrant workers actually work on or in the project; three, it is clear whether the two sides have no dispute, labor arbitration, and the court have been accepted and rulined. People’s Network: In recent years, under the multi-party efforts, the governance of money has achieved remarkable results. But the wage problem arrears of migrant workers has not yet been fundamentally resolved. How should I avoid the situation of "annual money, annual clearance, annual payment"? Sun Yanliang: If you want to avoid the situation of "annual money, annual clearance, annual payment", need to work from the following three points: First, establish long-term mechanisms, strengthen prevention and supervision from the source. In the use of "submerged effort", "Law" is "finding the prescription" from the law and system.

The introduction and implementation of the "Safeguarding the Wage Payment Regulations" guarantees the Wages of the Migrant Workers, that is, because it is an important embodiment and system guarantee for the fact that the successful experience in governance of the payment of money is in recent years.

For example, for the field of engineering construction, the "Regulations", the "Regulations", from the proposed special account system, crack the "no money" problem, to the implementation of the total package generation model, beware of the salary, clear " How to send a "way to promote the real-name system management of migrant workers, solve the problem of" Who "". The improvement of the system will help the regulatory procedures, fill the loopholes, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. In order to ensure that migrant workers have established long-acting mechanisms in the "hard money" on time.

The second is to conduct comprehensive management, measures, and turtly handle the problem of arrears.

Take a variety of means to increase the handling of the migrant workers’ illegal behavior, create a social atmosphere that does not dare to owe, and cannot be owe. Such as: to arrears the salary of migrant workers to carry out administrative penalties, and publicity on the national corporate credit information platform, it can refuse to pay the labor payment of labor payment to the public security department to investigate and investigate and investigate and deal with major labor security. The illegal act is publicized, and the employee is included in the "blacklist" blacklist ", which can be included in the" blacklist "management of the migrant workers, and the relevant departments shall implement joint discipline according to the law within their respective responsibilities. Support, government procurement, bidding, production license, qualification review, financing loans, market access, tax concessions, evaluation evaluation, ride on a plane or high-speed rail.

Establish business credit and natural persons credit hook mechanism, strengthen cross-industry, cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral faction joint discipline, limit the subject of the faith according to law. The third is to carry out public security, education and guidance enterprises to comply with labor security laws and regulations, education and guide migrant workers according to law.

2020 focused on "Guarantee the Wage Payment Regulations", carrying out the "work site" of the law to send the law, to the construction site, the peasant workers will send legal brochures, publicity and flow charts. Regularly organize all parts of the migrant workers ‘wage distribution, implement real name system management, migrant workers’ special account, wage margin, and to investigate and investigate and investigate and investigate and deal with the illegal act of arrears of wages to ensure migrant workers Pay in place on a month. People’s Network: The end of the year will go to the peak of migrant workers to get the peak, Shun Shi Li will get wages, high-happily returned home for the New Year, is a desire of many migrant workers, the end of 2020, in the end of 2020, to ensure the salary of migrant workers What plans and plans are available? Wang Mei: In the guarantee of the migrant workers’ salary, the Self-Governing People’s Procuratorate has the following plans: First, the administrative and procuratorial department will continue to implement the spirit of the instructions of the High Inspection, will "strengthen administrative supervision to promote the substance of administrative controversial" specialization The activities form a normalized working mechanism and supervise the implementation of all Xinjiang.

The second is to establish a constitution, actively negotiate communication and establish cooperation mechanisms with the Ministry of Autonomous Region, and the current "Opinions on the Implementation of Work Collaboration of Wage Issues in Ruga" is under discussion. Sun Yanliang: Salary is an important guarantee for migrant workers’ sorrow, urban construction and environmental improvement is inseparable from the hard work of migrant workers. In order to protect migrant workers to get wages on time, the autonomous region has launched the salary in mid-November 2020. Special action in winter, organize all localities, and all units actively investigate the hidden dangers, seriously solve the problem of arrears, and the winter operations have also achieved phased results. With the coming of New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, migrant workers who have not taken salary are more anxious.

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