Work hard to make the autumn hard warstation to complete the autumn task

  On the afternoon of November 11, the city’s autumn work promotion will hold in Zhang Li Township, Shou County. The meeting notified the progress of the autumn work in the city, further accelerating the progress of autumn, and promoted the implementation of the city’s autumn targets.

The Municipal Agricultural Rural Area and the responsible comrades of the counties and districts participated in the meeting.

  The meeting pointed out that food security is a major strategic issue that is related to the people’s livelihood of nationals and is the foundation of national security.

All relevant departments should stand on politics, fully understand the extreme importance of autumn work on protecting the national food security, to put the autumn work as an important task of current city agricultural rural work, further implement food production Party and political matsu, close attention to the autumn target, seize the key node, technical measures to implement; strengthen autumn propaganda, demonstration lead to reinforcement; strengthen work supervision, autumn responsibility, and strive to make autumn hard battle, Focus on the completion of autumn tasks, and make a solid foundation for the realization of food security objectives next year.

  During the meeting, at the meeting, the participants saw Zhang Li Township Qiu Shu, some of the responsible comrades of the county, made a statement. (Reporter Su Qiang).