The State Council notified the list of three places in Anhui

Recently, the General Office of the State Council praised 48 typical experience practices found in the eighth charter of the State Council.

The reporter noted that there were three cities in Hefei, Maanshan and Wuhu, and Wuhu. It is reported that this time, Hefei City is praised because the system has promoted the construction of comprehensive national science centers; Ma’anshan City has gained praise is because of the overall quality of ecological environment and high quality development; Wuhu City has gained praise because implementation "1% work method "Fully drive the company to increase the results. Since January 2017, since the Approval Construction Comprehensive National Science Center Quality Construction Comprehensive National Science Center, service guarantee national strategic scientific and technological power construction, has achieved phased results.

As a traditional industrial mine city, resource-based city, in recent years, Ma’anshan City has firmly moved high-level protection and high-quality development highly unified, mutually promoted new roads, and put environmental protection rectification as a breakthrough in industrial upgrading, rectifying "scattered" enterprises 719 Home, remove 153 illegal terminals, 34 ships in the ship, 497 livestock and poultry farms, close to 32 mines. More than three months, realize the beautiful butterflies from the Dongjiang East Coast from "Binjiang Unsained River" to "City Ecological Living Room". At the same time, Ma’anshan City also actively promotes Ma Steel and China Baowu, Huiling Xingma and Geely Group strategic reorganization, accelerate steel and automobile two traditional pillar industries and upgrades, rejuvenating freshmen. Baomma Ma Steel "1 + 8" industry base construction is solidly promoted, and the business income has been broken for thousands of large off for the first time.

Maanshan also took the lead in implementing acres in the provision of acres in the province, and the practice experience was promoted in the province. Cost, profit margin is not only the embodiment of profitability, but also reflects a city’s business environment and industrial ecology.

This year, Wuhu City Creativity puts forward the "1% Working Law". That is, through the "effective market" and "there is a government" organic combination, the restrictive factors affecting the profits of enterprises are analyzed, and the results of the results will be taken one by one, and finally strive to achieve key enterprises, key industries and city enterprises average profit margin in existing 1% increased on the basis.

The high-standard leading group of the Secretary of Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and the mayor, focusing on the main factors affecting the technology, energy, employment, logistics, taxes, financing and other profits, establishing 9 working groups, establishing 300 key industrial enterprises in the city. Profit monitoring and analysis platform, global force, multi-point flowering. (Reporter Fang Jiawei).