Zhaolin Community, Yantai Street, Lighthouse City, Liaoning Lighthouse: Red Gene inheriting the "1 + 3 + 3" working mechanism inheritance

According to the requirements of the central and provincial municipalities on strengthening the relevant documents and meetings of the city grassroots party building work, Yantai Street is a pilot, explore the "1 + 3 + 3" working mode, promoting the party building of the street community, the party building, the industry party building interconnection, Vigorously strengthen the work of urban grassroots party construction.

I. Background and Dynamic Lighthouse Yantai Street Zhaolin Community in Yantai, named the anti-Japanese national hero Li Zhaolin, meaning that the red gene has been passed down.

The community area is square in square kilometers, 8904 residents, and 20,420 residents.

The Community Party Committee has 7 party branches, 340 party members, more than 1,600 parties, 23 community workers, 16 management grids, 17 units of the unit, 703 non-public economic organizations, and 1 farmer market. Since the 19th National Congress of the Party, the Zhaolin Community has insisted on improving the management force, to consolidate the party in the city’s ruling foundation, enhance the people’s well-being as the target, with the street community party organization as the core, and lead the grassroots management as a starting person. To solve the outstanding problem as a breakthrough, highlight the "inheritance of red gene, keep in mind the initial mission" theme, strengthen a core function, optimize three services, build three platforms (referred to as 1 + 3 + 3), implement the community "big party committee" system, Building a regional coordination, multi-faceted, urban grassroots party construction pattern integrating, and continuously optimizing community public services, volunteer services, social services, establish a pioneer image of urban grassroots party organizations and party members, and build a modernization of peace, civilization, and happiness. Urban communities provide strong organizational assurance. Second, mainly practices (1) Strengthening the political core function of community party organizations 1. Establish organization structure of community "big party committees". Transform the community party branch as a community party committee, implement 7 commission, and 5 members of the Party Members, Site Site, Deputy Secretary, and Members. Also absorbed by representative and influential institutions of government enterprises, non-public economic organizations and social organization party members, etc. Establish a community "big party committee" to coordinate the system, clarify the task of the part-time committee’s head, and sign the joint joint agreement, to achieve the organization’s construction, resource sharing, and the activities of the Community, promote the integration of party building work in various fields.

2. Give Full Play to the Basic Support of the Party Branch.

According to the principle of "easy to participate in party members, it is easy to strengthen management, easy to play the role", adjust the settings 7 Party branches, 16 grid party groups.

Among them, in order to live in place, it is the main party member, according to the principle of nature, set four party branches and 16 grid team.

With the retired party members, the sick party members are mainly, set the Sunset Red Party Branch, and organize 4 normal party branches to connect with the party branch. With the mobile party members, set the party teams in the mobile party members, and set the party team in the concentrated area of ??the mobile party members, take the online point of learning, tracking contact, driving entrepreneurship, etc., and play the role of mobile party members. The business district is mainly based on the business district market, and the non-public economic organization and social organization jointly established the business circle market management agency to carry out open party construction work, realize the party’s organization, activity, and full coverage.

3, Party building work force integration in various fields. Find out the community workers, community self-management of party members, party members serving the area, "five packets of five pro" team members, party members and volunteers work the real, to play co-ordination of the work of party building strength in all areas of the community "big party committee" unified leadership, common services in the community building.

Flexible settings Community Party grids, pipe grids through community team, working party members Meshes, volunteering in the grid, then grid autonomous organizations and other means, sinking focus, strengthen community "big party committee" on the area of ??grassroots governance overall leadership to promote the needs of the masses found in the grid, the grid integration of resources, to solve the problem in the grid, improve service masses fine, precise level. (B) the optimization community "in a total of three services," 1, to provide quality and efficient public services.

Relying on the community convenient service centers provide a one-stop community service or full service agency for all residents.

Implement the "wrong time Work Act," any time for residents to sink the government’s public service community.

Exercise training community workers to become "general social workers" to carry out an acceptance for specific groups, reservation services, on-site service. Garrison units into the community to encourage the provision of quality public services.

Union City and Social Council, launched the "re-employment" training course bakers, Yuesao, housekeeping services.

Union City Justice Bureau, police stations, law firms, launched the "legal knowledge into the community" activities.

2, volunteer unpaid caring.

Community-oriented public environment and vulnerable groups, organizations as the main party of volunteer service team to provide voluntary labor and unpaid services.

Designed to carry out "love hand in hand" activities, carry out day-care services for empty nesters, the "loving mother" left-behind children’s services, assistance services for persons with disabilities to carry out visits to carry out mutual aid services to the poor single-parent mothers, carried out on poor people "micro-aspiration" adopt service.

Designed to carry out "Siu Lun colorful" campaign, organized painting photography, square dance, festival and other sports and entertainment projects, to carry out health lectures, screening clinic, barber cleaning health services, to carry out dispute resolution, prevention and treatment, the environment remediation, the most beautiful family and so civilized community projects.

3, to provide low-paid social services.

Integrated marketing services resources, to explore ways to take directional signs deal to provide compensation for low-cost convenient services and property management services for community residents. According to the needs of the residents abandoned tube area, the implementation of social services, project management, and gradually provide convenient dredging, student care, property and other simple projects, plans to develop "Sunflowers" home care "to old music" convenience supermarket, "half past four "After-school tutoring and other projects, the formation of individual needs service, mutual self-service, market to provide services convergence of community service system.

(C) build community "to build three platform" 1, to build a spirit of education platform.

Inherit and carry forward the full General Joseph Lee precious spiritual wealth, with the revolutionary tradition and the spirit of the new era of ideological education Xi Jinping Socialist Communist Chinese characteristics and lead the people. Strengthen red positions in the construction, the production of "genetic heritage red heart bear in mind that the early mission" theme of the exhibition and community cultural corridor, through cooperation with Siu Lun House, Siu Lun Primary School and other units, so that the revolutionary tradition into the campus, into the organs, into the area. In the red gene appeal, the community to carry out party activities at least twice a month. The first half, using the "Wednesday Party Day" organize Party members to carry out the "three will be a lesson" and other organizational life; the second half, using the "Party Involvement Day" organized community members, serving members, "five packets of five pro" teams of party members volunteer service activities to achieve party activity of regular and institutionalized.

2, build a community service platform. According to Community "three services’ demand, integration of community service establishments, according to the office space optimization, to maximize service area, a multi-purpose room requirements, high-standard construction community convenient service center, party members and volunteer service stations, community social organization incubator station, party members activity center and other service positions, build demand docking, service inventory and service feedback system, regular meetings of the neighborhood council, Le neighbor afternoon tea, dinner Siu Lun one hundred residents and other activities.

The implementation of community volunteer registration system, the introduction of the integral management incentives volunteers, each branch at least one urban and rural communities foster social mutual help service organizations to form recognized by the masses service brand. 3, set up party building intelligence platform. Creation of community micro-channel public number, the integration of community service information resources, and promote Party building information and government information, regional interaction grassroots governance information, data sharing, information sharing joint. Build online Party branch, Party group, through the network described the party’s major policies, tells the story of the red, propaganda advanced models, to achieve the daily management of the education party members, especially the flow of party members. Relying on a network to strengthen community members points system management, classification management job Party member, the flow of party members, non-public economic organizations and social organizations of party members, so that each branch has established a party of the masses willing to participate, full of positive energy micro-channel group.

Third, the new era of enlightenment by strengthening grassroots party building work in the cities, the party organized force more to enhance the community to adjust the organization set up to improve the operation of the system, prominent heritage red gene theme, the work gradually standardized set foot on the track; management of party members more standardized, community strict Party organizations, the implementation of party points system category management, party members generally able to actively participate in the activities of the organization to fulfill duties of party members; serving the residents a more intimate, and community empowerment proposed the building of peace, culture, happy community, vigorously development of volunteer service that truly the hope of the masses, think, ask or mind, get a piece of praise masses. (Editor: Song Chen, Yan Yan).