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"Great journey" literary performance program drum song and dance "New World" This reporter Lu Xu photographed French writer Fu House, and said: "Science and art are always in the mountains." With the continuous emergence of a series of technological innovation results, special It is the strong rise of digital technology. The stage art has had a strong and far-reaching change – the stage presenting is more diverse, creating time and space more three-dimensional, creative concept iteration acceleration … Recently, at 2021 lake dance beauty international forum, domestic and foreign 200 The rest of the famous artists, dance beauty designers, experts scholars exchange discussions on "digital and stage art" themes, and discussion.

Many guests combine the stage art practice in recent years, how to use new technologies for stage art, propose practical, operability, and forward-looking opinions and suggestions.

Technology and art should bring 1 + 1> 2, the new media HD image is increasingly staged artwork to join the stage presented, "immediate photography, instantaneous guidance, real-time testing" celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China The performance "Great Journey" was successfully applied.

In recent years, new technology, especially digital technology, has been more and more skilled in the stage art work. "I have directed the opera, dance drama, Beijing opera, etc., their profound experience is that digital technology is closely related to the development of stage art.

Traditional stage art, dance beauty equipment, and aesthetics only have closely combined with modern digital technological means to rejuvenate new vitality, bring 1 + 1> 2. "As Zhang Yimou, the famous director said, in recent years, he has conducted some pioneering color exploration in the field of stage art. This is the most well known to the concept of" dialogue, fable 2047 ". Guqin, number, mear drum, Traditional Chinese traditional arts such as small drama, bowl cups, and modern intelligent technology "dialogue" and other modern intelligent technology "…" three seasons "dialogue · Fables 2047" through technology and art, from global environmental pollution, humans and artificial Intelligent relationship, humanity in the survival of the large data environment, the interest of cultural heritage, etc., focusing on the relationship between science and technology fission and human continuation.

According to Bao Yi, "Dialogue, Fable 2047", the drama is completed by more than 20 scientific teams from 17 countries. "Swiss scientist team specializes in the design of ultra-light-type drones for theater. These drones have created" Dialogue · Fables 2047 "created the world record of the most drone cooperation in indoors. In the program, 80 drones pass The pre-programming and the Chinese non-hensolic organs were shared, and the scene was very shocking.

Bao Yi said.

The world’s exploration is more diverse, and the artists of national artists have more diverse to digital technology and stage art. A few years ago, the Finnish National Opera House launched the "extraordinary opera" project and has developed a long-term digital development strategy.

The project explores the integration of new technologies and performance art, including immersive devices, expands multiple sub-projects such as realistic dance beauty design platforms. "Through this long-term project, we want to explore how to apply new technologies to stage art and look for the most appropriate practices.

This is an adventure, we don’t know where it will eventually bring us.

We maintain an open mind, because of the best, truly effective ways, only in exploration and experiments, can find it in repeated test error.

"The Finnish National Opera" Excellent Opera "project manager Annastina Hapassali said.

In order to let more people, especially young people walk into the opera, in the fall of 2020, the "Super Opera" project first launched an immersive interaction device "Lara". The shape of "Lara" is like a dome, and each time you can accommodate 6 people at the same time, participate in 15 minutes of interactive performance.

"When you walk into the world of ‘Lera’, you will be surrounded by a multi-senseous universe, it combines a number of new technologies, including optical carving projections, three-dimensional sound, sports tracking, and artificial intelligence." According to Hazaa Introduction, the theme of interactive performances also explored the impact of science and technology and art, "The world of ‘Lera’ is enough, so every audience can make unique insights according to their own actual experience.

"Not long ago, the world’s first super-real experience opera" "wind and waves suddenly" triggered a strong response in the UK. "The wind and waves" total length 15 minutes, through virtual reality technology and multi-sensory equipment, let the audience Enter a customized opera stage, experience Dream Tour in a poetry song.

He is inspired by Shakespeare’s "Storm" to liberate the Aliance bridge, "wind and waves" bring four viewers in the wonderful world of night scenes, from dusk to dawn, explore the thinking, linking and collective thinking, create Polaroid art experience.

According to Annet Mis, the head of the British Royal Opera Auditor Laboratory, "Wind and Waves" attracted many viewers who have never touched the opera.

"We cooperated with the University of London to conduct audience research. According to the survey results, 31% of the audience have never arrived in the Royal Opera House in the UK; 68% of the audience under 35 years old; 32% of the audience Experience virtual reality technology or other forms of immersive techniques.

We want to attract new audiences and also show their loved ones in a new form. Annet Misi said.

Digital Technology has penetrated into the stage digital technology to the stage art brings a change in stage art, far more than the presenter of stage works.

In the view of the president of the China Stage Art Society, today’s digital multimedia technology not only makes the stage technical operation more convenient and enriches the audio-visual expressions of the stage space, which brings unprecedented artistic appeal to the audience. From the deep thinking mode, the artistic imagination of dance beauty designers, in the digital language, "expansion" "overlapping" "conflict" "replacement" and other art frequencies, becoming unique texts in contemporary stage art expressions .

The National Grand Theater Stage Technical Ministers Take the application of digital technology in the stage art creation stage as an example, showing the "penetration" of digital technology in the stage art side. "In the creative stage, digital technology has now become a powerful assistant for creative work. Taking dance beauty set as an example, traditional way is the design plan for design and model, which is based on the basis for producers and director decisions. At the same time, the director and actor enters the basis of the actors in the stage spatial scheduling.

There are some shortcomings in this way: one is poor accuracy, the size of the foundation is not very accurate, the proportional relationship between the actors and the set is not very accurate; the second is the difference in space, it is difficult to master the real space on the effect of the plane, even if it is Stereoscopic model, after all, is 1:50 or 1:25 to reduce the version, and the real space size is difficult to judge.

Using computer design software, you can simulate the stage space, especially in the case of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the main team is inconvenient to focus on the scene, and the digital simulation means provides a great solution for stage creation. "The new work is launched every year, the more the number of dance is more, and the cost of compression is reused, but if the management is not good, it is more likely to make chaos; the beauty rental is returned, and the manual unloading will be opened after the box … In order to solve these problems more efficiently. The Italian Parma Royal Opera House successfully used RF identification tracking technology to achieve dance beauty real-time management.

According to the general manager of the Palma Royal Opera, the RF identification label is marked to hundreds of items, clothing and accessories, each tag has independent serial numbers, and the signal is released remotely The identification reader is automatically acquired, and the collected data is transmitted to specialized software. "This technology not only optimizes logistics management, but also improves the efficiency of the entire production process.

If an item cannot be found, the administrator only needs to move between the container, and the radio frequency identification reader can position the items that need to be found.

"Mayo said.

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