What are the attention of the 4th China and British Economic and Trade Forum?

People’s Network London November 18th (Yu Ying) countdown for a week! The 4th Sino-British Economic and Trade Forum and the "2021 British Chinese Enterprise Development Report" conference will be held online on November 25.

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) closed in the past, has opened a new journey of global response to climate change, and China and Britain continued to promote green low-carbon transformation, focusing on tracking, handling climate change is a focus of concern. . In this important node, hundreds of thousands of people from China and Britain and other countries will participate in the clouds and participate in this event.

The opportunity, path and cooperation of Sustainable Development in Chinese and English will further explore the cooperation between China and English green sustainable development. Watch 1: Participation Specifications High Transfer Multi-Party Important Information The 4th China-British Economic and Trade Forum is hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Embassy and the British International Trade Department specially supported, and by London Financial City, China Trade Association, 48 Groups Club, the British Industry Association, the British Association, the Chinese British Chamber of Commerce, the British Directors Association, etc. From 2018 to 2020, the British Chamber of Commerce has successfully held a three-session of the Sino-British economic and trade inssain, which is widely concerned by all walks of life.

It is understood that this forum is the theme of "deepening Chinese and English green cooperation: new normal new opportunities", aims to gather in China and British business and business elites to work together to cooperate, actively explore the green sustainable development path, enhance China and British cooperation Cultivate the new growth point of Chinese and British green cooperation, promote the green and low-carbon development in the two countries, and further deepen the cooperation between China and Britain economic and trade exchanges.

Chinese Ambassador to Britain Zheng Zeuang, the United Kingdom International Trade Department and the Ministry of Commerce of the Minister of China, Director of the Green Financial Professional Committee of the China Finance Society, President of the Beijing Green Finance and Sustainable Development Research Institute, the President of the British Chamber of Commerce, Bank of China London Branch President Dangnang, British Trade in China, Wu Human Johnedwards, etc. Important guests will attend the forum and publish a chair. Hundreds of heavy guests from China and British governments, industrial and commercial, and academic, will participate in this forum, guest lineup is more stronger than the previous one.

At the same time, this event will also play online live broadcast on Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, China British Chamber of Commerce, is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of audience watch.

Watching 2: High-end forums, big coffee, green development, new path, future green development, will become a new characteristic and key areas of Sino-British cooperation. Under the common goal of large-scale emission reduction, the two countries have broad cooperative space in the field of green development, low-carbon economy and jointly climate change challenges. How to promote China-British companies further deepen green cooperation, and promote sustainable development, and conjugate greater consensus will become the popular focus of the guests.

The first discussion of this sub-forum will focus on how to create new opportunities for green, low-carbon, climate change investment and cooperation, to better explore new opportunities for Chinese and British green investment and expand pragmatic cooperation. Marklogan, a Vice President of the British Parliament, the Executive Dean of the Implementation of the Implementation of the Chongyang Financial Research Institute of the People’s University of China, China, Executive, Executive, Executive, Executive President, SandyBegbiecbe, the Scottish Financial Enterprise Association, and Shell (China) Co., Ltd. RHYSWHALLEY will welcome new opportunities, carbon neutralization, and the new trend of new opportunities, carbon neutralization targets around the sustainable investment, share their own insights. The second field will focus on energy transformation and financial support strategies under global green transformation. After COP26, countries need to put climate change to the plan, commitment, and action to practice. In the promotion of green transformation upgrades, financial strength is particularly important. How do banks do the financial industry "carbon" probe? What new challenges in the era of epidemic era? How to link in the Chinese and British Carbon Trading Market? How to establish an effective incentive mechanism supporting industrial transformation? HSBC Group Public Affairs Global Leader, Jazz, Jazz, Oil and Natural Gas Climate Initiative Guest Research Project Director and Director of China Energy Project DrMichalmeidan will conduct further discussion. Look at the 3: Data + Report, Diversification Presentation In the British China-funded enterprise group, in the past year, it is affected by the new crown epidemic and the UK, and the global political risk is increased. Under this difficult situation, The challenges faced by Chinese companies are further increased. What is the "transcript" "transcript" in the English capital of the English capital in 2021? What important signals have been released behind data? What highlights? What is the attitude towards the future in the future? What is the expectation of the British business environment? How will Chinese companies balance ESG and business growth? … These will find the answer in the "2021 British Chinese Enterprise Development Report" released on this event. This report analyzed the investigation of nearly 100 Chinese companies, dozens of investigation conferences and enterprises to interview the cornerstone, system summary and depth sorting, analyzed the current status of Chinese companies in the development of the United States, and for future Chinese companies in English The development trend has conducted research and judging, which brings together the view of the British China-funded enterprise, and the business outlook and growth expectations, industry highlights, attention to the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG), rich in content, informative data, Analyze profound. As an annual report released, this release will further understand the British social understanding of the first-hand information in Britain capital enterprises. (Editor: Wu Yi Dan, Yu Ying).