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[Abstract] According to reports, on December 11th, Qujiang New District found a periodic nucleic acid detection of medical institutions, and found that 1 person nucleic acid was detected, and the case of Guo Mou is announced. On December 12 (Sunday) 5 pm, Xi’an Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference in Xi’an Xinzhong Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Xi’an City, and invited Xi’an Municipal Health Committee and the Municipal Word Control Center. Responsible comrades introduce the relevant situation.

  According to reports, on December 11th, Qujiang New District founded a periodic nucleic acid detection of medical institutions, and found that 1 person nucleic acid detection positive, the case of Guo’s related situation and activity trajectory announced. I. A case of cases Guo Mou is the Pharmacist of Niumen Clinic, Xijiang New District, leased the No. 2 Zhang East Road, Chang Yanbao Street, Yanta District. According to the requirements of a new crown virus nucleic acid per week, the results of nucleic acid detection were negative on December 3. On December 11, the nucleic acid detection initial sieve results were positive. On the 23:00, the Si’an City CDT was reviewed, December 12th 1 Abstract by the municipal expert consultation, diagnosis is a diagnosis case (light), now the city’s eighth hospital isolation treatment.

  The first time the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters launched the emergency response. At present, the epidemiological investigation work of the case is currently being carried out, the relevant departments are tanging, and the nucleic acid detection is performed, and the nucleic acid detection is touched. And kill.

  Second, the activity trajectory of the path situation is as follows: 8:20 bus No. 9 (Exhibition Center Station – Yanta South Road Yan Nan 4th Exchange Station) on December 5th, 17:12 Tour 9 Road (Yan " Taisan Road Yan Nanxiang Station – Exhibition Center Station) After returning home, he did not go out.

  On December 6, 11:40 took bus No. 212 (Zhang Baidong intersection – Yanta South Road Yannan 4th Exit Station). Take bus No. 526 (Yanta South Road, Yanta South Road Station), go home from get off work, no longer go out. On December 7th, 8:40, at the rental community, all-breakfast shop, take the bus No. 212 (Zhang Baidong intersection) at 8:47 – Yanta South Road Yannan 4th Exit 3: 18: 45 Take bus No. 9 (Yanta South Road Yannan 4th External Station – Exhibition Center) to get off work, go home after picking express in the residential building downstairs.

  Take bus 504 (Exhibition Center Station – Yanta South Road, Yanta Road), Take Bus No. 212 (Yanta South Road, Yan Nan 4th Exit 16: 08) Station) from get off work, 16: 23 walk to the rental community downstairs, Zhang Yajun, pelican, buy a drink home in the honey snow ice city, no longer go out. On December 9, 13:35, take the bus 127 (Convention Center Station – Sun New Town Station), with friends, in Chang’an Square Jia Baihui Clothing City, Bosidend Clothing Store, Sanyu (Sun Xinjie), A World Luckyroll Roller (Chang’an Pedestrian Street) stays, walking to Chang’an District Changbai Commercial Building (No. 119 North Chang’an Street) 3 floors, grabbed gourmet meals, for about 2 and a half hours. 18:50 Take bus No. 215 (North Chang’an Street Fengqi Road Station – Exhibition Center Station)

  On December 10, 12:00 on the residential area, every day, convenient shop, 12: 21 Take a taxi (tail number 436) from the resident community to Yanta Zone Niumen Clinic, 21: 05 Take the bus 161 Road (Yanta South Road Yannan Wine – Exhibition Center) go home and no longer goes out.

  On December 11th, 8:20, every day, every day of renting the community, 8: 49 Take the bus 157 (Zhang Baidong intersection – Yanta South Road Yan South 4th Exit Station), 20:00 Control. Since December 5th, the case has been taken to get off work in the community every day, and it has also been to the building downstairs. She is full of hundred breakfast shops, Zhang Yaima hot, honey snow, every day, convenient store, rookie station and Jia Hundred Shuixue City, Boshisen Clothing Store, Sanyu (Sun Xinjie), A World Luckyroll Coverteral (Chang’an Pedestrian Street), Sanyu (Sun Xinjie), Chang’an District General Building (No. 119 North Chang’an Street) 3 Layer flourishing and other places.

  Xi’an Center for Disease Control and Prevention Coven this reminded the public: The source of the infection of the case is still investigating, and the general public will do personal protection.

  1. Actively and promptly report the itinerary. At the same time, there was a person with this case activity (yellow code or red code), especially since December 6th, citizen, citizen, who came to Xijiang New District, Xi’an, please first The community (unit, street office, hotel) is reported; if you carry your child, please report to your child’s school or kindergarten, and cooperate with an epidemic investigation, nucleic acid detection, isolation observation and other prevention and control measures.

  2. Do your own and your family’s health management.

Once fever, dry cough, fatigue, pharyngeal pain, myishae, diarrhea, smell loss, cough, etc. Related Travel History and History of Contact. 3. Adhere to the scan code (health code, stroke code), temperature measurement, wear mask, maintain normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as one-mline social distance.

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