From Value Creative Perspective China Merchants Bank Chongqing Branch into Chongqing 25 years service Chongqing high quality development

  China Merchants Bank Chongqing Branch adheres to the concept of "originating from the society to the society" to brave social responsibility and boost social harmony. The Chongqing Branch of China Bank is allowed to persistence from the responsibility concept of society returning to the society. China Bank Chongqing Branch drives industry and customer sustainable development, promoting social and harmonious progress, and won the "annual society" issued by the Municipal Soliociation for many years. Responsible financial institutions "" Annual Social Responsibility Service Model "and other honors. Public welfare is a long time. The bank has been in charge of public welfare in more than 20 consecutive years, and donates to the poverty-stricken area, and the development of cultural and education in the distance of Yuanshan District. Practice corporate social responsibility. On November 30th, the party secretary of the branch team leads to Chengkou County to help the mouth, in-depth grassroots, power responsibility, and pragmatize the village revitalization. The Chongqing Branch of China Bank has accumulated more than 2 million yuan in the mouth to support more than 2 million yuan, accumulated to Yongren, Yunnan, and donated the amount of more than 3.1 million yuan in two counties.

  Model the service gold character. The Chongqing Branch of China Bank has been awarded for many years in the supervision of the consumer ratings. He has received 10 online and silver associations "Qian Jia", and the 7 outlets are praised China and China Silver Association "Five Stars" business outlets, 1 outlets "Baijia" demonstration unit. Customer centered, create value for customers. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the encycut, the Chongqing Branch of China Branch returned to the financial nature of the customer ‘s value’, which is a summary of the same resonance in the past 25 years, the development of Chongqing development, and the development of the company’s continuous help enterprises and the public’s good value. The relevant person in charge of China Bank Chongqing Branch said that in the future, the bank will continue to innovate financial products and services, continue to innovate financial products and services in Chongqing, and build a "all road", and promote the Yangtze River economy Development, the construction of double-city economic circle in Chengdu is a more active role. (Hu Hong, Li Min).