Gathering Digital Economic Expo, unicorn, how to lead

Original title: How do you have a well-colored business? …… On September 5th, the unicorn leads the Digital Economic Innovation Development Summit, from nearly 20 leaders in the country, industry, industry, industry experts, together, to discuss in digital economic background Under how the unicorn business is properly facing new challenges, hug new opportunities, leading the high-quality development of the digital industry, and better helps the social economy again.

  Unicorn companies are leading the global innovation, and it is also an important indicator that measures the strength of national competitive strength. In the digital economic era, a group of unicolored companies embarked on the center of my country’s economic stage, injecting new kinetic energy for my country’s economic development, adding new vitality.

  "Unicorn Enterprises contain many innovative elements such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, is new technologies, new models, new formats, new industries, open up pioneers." Assembling the founder and CEO Luo Xu said that The corner enterprise plays an important role in the digital economy, and the promotion of scientific and technological innovation, accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, "In today’s digital wave, the unicorn companies face new challenges, but also ushered in New opportunities, unicorn companies must strive to create new business models to form new economic growth points.

"Enterprise transformation upgrades must break through the mindset, which is also the key to the high-quality development." In the development of digital economy innovation, uncomfortable beast companies are indispensable part, to be a good leader, must Break through its own bottlenecks and thinking, innovate. Xu Shaochun, Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors of the Kingdee Group. The digital economy is "accelerator" to promote the quality of economic development, efficiency change, power change. In 2020, the number of digital economy in Hebei reached trillion yuan, year-on-year growth%, accounting for GDP The digital economy has become an important engine for the economic and social development of our province. Cultivate the growing unicorn companies, speed up the digital economy, and there is an urgent need for the digital economy. So, what should I do? "Faced with the digital economic wave, Hebei has a bigger Development space, to seize rare opportunities, promote leap-forward development through unremitting efforts.

"Xu Shaochun believes that Hebei is facing major strategic opportunities such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development, Xiongan New District Planning and Construction, Beijing Winter Olympics Platform, and strong development of digital economic development, to actively hold hands with leading enterprises at home and abroad, scientific research institutions, speeding digital industrialization, Cultivate new economic growth points.

  How to develop a digital economy in Hebei? Luo Xu especially emphasized two points, one is to create a good environment for digital economic enterprises, attracting digital industries; second, to introduce talents, increase the introduction of domestic and foreign importance at the digital economic talents. "Be sure to pay attention to the introduction and training of digital economic talents, because talent is the carrier of technology, the foundation of innovation, so the relevant professionals are very important." He said that while attracting talents, it is more important to cultivate talents.

  "Hebei is the economic and large province, the industrial basis, as long as the wings of the digital economy will fly higher, farther.

"Chen Qinpeng, chairman of Shenzhen Qixin Group Co., Ltd., recommended that Hebei should speed up digital government construction, continue to compress and approval time limit, let data multi-run road, personally run less legs or do not run legs, build marketization, internationalization, rule of law business environment. Digital empowerment, Zhichuang future.

Experts believe that the digital economy will promote high quality development, which is an effective way to speed up the transformation and improvement of Hebei industrial transformation and improvement. Hebei should play the leading role of digital economy, strengthen strategic planning, increase research and development and research, speeding up application integration, popularize the development of two-way integration management system, empower traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, and strengthen economic development.

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