Gansu 12333 opens the elderly fast service line to help the elderly across the "Digital Ditch"

People’s online Lanzhou December 2nd (Gao Xiang) as an important part of "I do practical things for the masses" Call and ensure that in 6 seconds, providing more convenient, more weeking, more intimate, temperature, helping the elderly to help the elderly across the "Digital Ditch" for the elderly.

It is reported that when the elderly call the 12333 consultation hotline in Gansu Province, the "6" is directly entering the "Older Service Specialist" to enjoy the artificial service, so that the elderly will not go out, do not queue, consult the policy, apply business, Timely effectively solve practical problems.

Considering that the seniors are slow, new things are slow and other call features, the Gansu Provincial Human Social Sector Picks up the business policy proficient in the existing team to serve as the provincial level 12333 consultation hotline elderly love service special consultation To provide more intimate, careful and patient service to the elderly. For the elderly, the elderly subsidy, pension insurance treatment, the acquisition, social security card services, and basic pension, the Temperature of the Social Security Card Service and the Basic Pension Tour, Gansu Province 12333 consultation hotline launched a study meeting, selected typical cases Recording, discussing the elderly "I don’t understand", combing the formation of easy-to-accept reply, facilitating the understanding of the policy of the elderly. Next, Gansu 12333 will actively explore the self-service version of the elderly love service, online customer service, online customer service, etc. Confusion, continuously enhance the convenient and equalization level of people’s public services in Gansu Province.

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