China Rail Real Estate: Improve Service Quality Painting

In order to practice the responsibility of central enterprises, create a livable life, China Railway Real Estate around "Be the most valuable living service provider" of China ", through" design innovation, quality refinement, service upgrade, culture shaping "in South China The power engine, practice the "quality iron construction" development strategy, and the brand of "to the good build, the love home", advocate the beautiful life blueprint.

According to reports, China Rail Real Estate South China Company wrapped around the high quality output, creating an engineering management ecological closed loop, set up the "Quality House" support framework from the system design, and the construction standard of civil construction, hydropower, garden and other finishing engineering modules as the framework foundation, The construction of the engineering capacity of engineering planning, standard construction, quality acceptance is required to build a "management" standard of "managers" of engineering quality assurance system. South China Company implements the China Railway South China Customer Conference Platform, Building a Smart Community, Implementing the "Customer Decree + Visit" Double closed-loop customer response mechanism, run after-sales service model version, build a diversified multi-state service model, create "Property Service Standardization Training College ", Carry out the research on the standardization of property services, carry out the" 100% "plan, carry out the" Happy Building "program, continue to enhance the tenure of customer satisfaction, and improve customer service quality. "Culture is the content of the product, the extension of the product brand." The Deputy General Manager of China Rail Real Estate, the Party Committee of South China Company, said that the quality is the foundation of root development, by providing high quality, culturally connotative product services It is the key to practice to create a good life commitment.