Do natural small detectives! 2021 Shaoyang Yunshan Autumn Research Launched

The research practice activities let students broaden their vision and improve their literacy.

Wushan Yunshan National Forest Park Management Office is mapped by Changsha, on October 22, "The Soul of Li Tree", in order to improve students ‘comprehensive quality, promote students’ comprehensive development, recently, Hunan Shaoyang City The school has organized more than 300 teachers and students from the school gate to come to Wuzhang Yunshan National Forest Park Research Practice Education Base to carry out the research practice education activities in the theme of "Yunshan Nature Small Detective". In the research practice education base, the students watched the "Natural Small Detective Yunshan Principle – Wild Survival Challenge" education science, through vivid and interesting, deep-in-depth video animation, learning the skills of field survival, and in professional tutors The on-site demonstration teaching has conducted emergency disposal and simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation of "bitterness, blunt injury". Under the careful explanation of the research instructor, the children met the Yunshan national rare protective plants and grew up. In the "Environmental Detective Hall", students use Yunshan unique leaves, petals and other materials to make creative plant collages, plant development of handmade products. Through the way in the way, guide students to discover beauty, feel beautiful, love beauty, enrich and improve observation, imagination, creativity and hands-on ability. "The energy of life is at the foot, the most beautiful class is on the road.

"Entering outdoor, returning to nature, students are not waiting to enter the animal and plant gene treasure gallery – the mountain scenic spot for visiting and visiting.

Teachers and students are grouped to conduct inquiry learning, and the field is explored in the clouds and mountains.

Through the way to entertain and learn, exercise in the process of tour, tempering the will, cultivating the stubborn struggle.

"The paper is very shallow, perceived this matter." The teachers of the school said that Yunshan unique natural resource advantages and deep historical culture are the excellent things of students to carry out research practice activities. During this research activity, students broaden their horizons, enhance their literacy, release pressure, and gain growth. (Intern Yang Beibei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.