Shawen Town, Baiyun District: Multi -measures to promote the "Wuzhi" work in rural areas

The reporter learned from Baiyun District a few days ago that Shawen Town has solidly promoted the work of rural "five governances" through the establishment of work classes, increased hidden danger investigation, and improved facilities construction to comprehensively improve the rural living environment. Shawen Town establishes a rural "Wuzhi" work class. There are five working groups of rural houses, water treatment, garbage, toilet, and wind governance. 11 staff members are responsible for the "Wuzhi" work. Grasp the implementation of governance tasks to ensure accurate strategies.

Focusing on the work of "governing the house", Shawen Town focuses on the management of the house sites around the three key points of the construction of houses, housing, and use houses, simplifying the approval procedures for building houses, strengthening the "violation" of "illegal", and actively promoting the reform of rural homesteads. , To activate idle farm houses to benefit farmers from it. Focusing on the work of "water control", the town accurately promotes the "Sanshui Tongzhi" in rural drinking water, domestic sewage, and black odor water bodies, strengthen source control, implement operation and maintenance protection, and ensure that the coverage rate of villages in rural domestic sewage treatment is 100%, rural life in rural areas The sewage treatment rate is above 45%, and the normal operation rate of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities has continued to reach more than 80%, and it has achieved practical results in the promotion of "water control". Focusing on the work of "governance of garbage", the town is in accordance with the four key links of classification, classification collection, classification transportation, and terminal treatment, configure and improve the classification facilities, promote the thickness of the source of garbage, reduce the amount of external transportation, and promote the standardization of rural waste classification disposal work. ,standardization.

At present, there are 258 closed garbage buckets in the jurisdiction, 152 groups of two -class trash cans, and 42 groups of ti -class trash cans. The garbage transfer rate reaches 100%and the coverage rate of sanitation facilities is 100%. Focusing on the work of "governing the toilet", the town has established a "toilet -controlled" promotion mechanism, implemented a classification awards and supplementary policies, comprehensively publicized and mobilized farmers, selected the "toilet control" model, formulated the "toilet" standard, and strengthened the "toilet" team Construction and technical guidance. Focusing on the work of "governing the wind", the town optimizes and improves the village regulations, explore the establishment of the red and white council, increases publicity, curb the management of the rules and bad habits in the management of marriage and funeral, continuously improve the effectiveness of social governance, and promote the new style of civilization. At present, the whole town has revised and improved the treaty of 17 village (residential) village regulations, the conventions of residents, and publicized, and set up more than 150 publicity content of the theme of socialist core values.

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