I will dedicate the country to the motherland wholeheartedly for education

Zhang Wenbin has won the title of "Sichuan Good Man".

Zhang Wenbin was born in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province in 1930, but he used most of his life to build a remote "second hometown" -Baoxing County, Ya’an, who worked in Baoxing County Public Security The Bureau, Baoxing County Food Bureau, Baoxing County Longdong Township Civil School, Baoxing County Middle School, Baoxing County Education Bureau and other units.

The story of Zhang Wenbin and the "Second Hometown" Baoxing County must start from 1949. In December of that year, Chengdu liberated, and several PLA soldiers temporarily lived in his house. "After about a month, they received orders to enter Ya’an.

I especially wanted to join the party and asked to join, but the troops were disciplined and could not take people away.

So when they walked in front, I packed my luggage and quietly went to Ya’an.

"Zhang Wenbin recalled that he was responsible for levy food in Lushan, Tianquan, Ya’an (Yucheng) and other places with the troops. In May 1950, Zhang Wenbin entered Baoxing with the army. On June 1, 1956, he joined China gloriously to China. The Communist Party. From 1958 to 1963, Zhang Wenbin taught at the Lumin School of the New Brigade of Longdong Township at that time, and had been associated with education. From 1978 to 1980, he worked in the teaching office of Baoxing County Middle School for 2 years; since 1980, he began in 1980. He worked at the Personnel Stock of the Education Bureau of Baoxing County until 1990.

Today, Zhang Wenbin is still contributing to his local education.

At the beginning of retirement, Zhang Wenbin’s retirement salary was 200 yuan. Since then, as the retirement salary has increased year by year, he is concerned about education, and he has also used more salary to help the study and never stop.

In 2009, Zhang Wenbin accidentally learned from a newspaper that a lonely old man worked hard to raise a baby abandoned infant and was admitted to the university, but he was unable to bear the college tuition. According to the contact information left in the newspaper, he contacted the student and gave her a donation of 2400 yuan each year until she graduated from college. "In July 2013, the child also went to Baoxing to see me after graduation. I rewarded her 1,000 yuan at the time and let her continue to study hard and return to society!" Zhang Wenbin said.