“Absolutely shy~”
In the tacit cooperation of everyone,For a time, the two of them are filled with joyful air~
Yep,Make them shy,The joyful air of being teased by others~
And Xiaolan on the side faced these kind jokes,Blushing,Standing by Kudo Shinichi’s side does not refute。
Although there is a lot of shyness,But it cannot be denied that at this moment,Inner joy。
After being teased by everyone for a while,Bear more“attack”Shinichi Kudo can’t hold it anymore,Immediately changed the subject:“Stop talking about this,Recently,Has anything changed in school?”
“Yes,Recently there is a new English teacher,Is a big beauty~”
As a good friend of Kudo Shinichi,I can’t stand the other side,Naturally, I won’t choose to make an inch,Although I know the other party is forcibly changing the subject,But everyone still changed the topic together very tacitly。
“beauty?”Kudo Shinichi Curious Way:“Really?”
“really,Is a blonde foreign girl,Super body~”Hupengouyou on the side instantly showed a smile that a man understands。
Xiaolan looked at the wretched boys,Can’t help but roll his eyes,Soon, Shinichi pulled to her side and covered her mouth in a low voice:“In your morning,Didn’t you say there is something to tell me??”
“Oh…You say that…”
Kudo Shinichi was lying in Xiaolan’s ear and was about to whisper something,I immediately felt something was wrong,I turned my head and found that they were all listening,Can’t help but have no good airway:“Hey!You guys!!”
The person next to me just licked his face and smiled,Don’t speak,In the end, Shinichi Kudo drove people away,Then I told Xiaolan what I wanted to say———
eight pm,Lookout restaurant in Mihua Central Building。