“Then you need to ask my friends for their opinions。”

“Because you also know,We relatively primitive humans,Carrying supplies in the universe is very difficult。”
“Doctor Wen,You show my new friend,What is the food we eat。”
“okay!”Doctor Wen was a little excited and put a pack of Shuaishifu instant noodles in front of Mai Fanhe and Bu Shitian。
Creatures of various races in the live broadcast room,I saw a live broadcast of instant noodles。
then,Everyone expressed their awe at the complexity of instant noodles。
‘I think this human being is right,Really the more primitive the ingredients, the more complex it is。’
‘No no,It’s convenient for us to take a mouthful of capsules,It doesn’t have so many materials!’
People from other races expressed their approval,Fu Shitian, the Asura who has lived in the shelter since he was a child, is even less knowledgeable.。
right now,She has been completely convinced by Mai Fan’s explanation……
She hesitated and touched her messy hair,It’s a pity that her hairpin is empty,nothing left。
But Mai Fan didn’t plan to let her go:“and also,Look at my backpack,I only brought six packs of this kind of instant noodles。”
“for you,I really eat one pack less。”