After Tang Ze and Conan returned politely,Asked the garden:“I didn’t listen to you before and I even made an appointment with an English teacher?”
Yuanzi waved his hand quickly,“We met by chance,Teacher Judy likes neon video games,It is said that these games are also very popular in the United States,But I have to line up there every time。
So after coming to neon,She comes here every day off。”
Don’t need Judy to explain,Yuanzi has answered Tang Ze’s doubts,And Judy on the side gave an embarrassed smile,Agreed and nodded。
“Turned out to be like this。”Tang Ze made a clear expression upon hearing this,Nodded。
of course,Tang Ze knows all these,But in order not to let the other party have the slightest suspicion,Tang Ze still pretended not to know anything,Made the move you should have in the first meeting。
After all, after he rescued Sister Miyano,Has become a key survey object in the eyes of many organizations,Can’t tolerate him being distracted。
Ask for identity,Then ask why the other party came to the game city,When these first met,The most common social language,Tang Ze did it very carefully。
Because these are the blind spots and flaws that are most easily overlooked。
Tang Ze never underestimates anyone。
Especially the red and black people in Conan World,You can see your problem from a little clue。
After all, behind her,But standing another one is called“Silver Bullet”Where’s Shuichi Akai。
Maybe ordinary people can’t detect it,But Tang Ze believes,After Shuichi Akai heard the meeting between the two,There is no common social rhetoric for the first meeting,Then the other party will be suspicious。
Why is this?It’s actually a very simple question。
Give me a chestnut to illustrate。
Suppose a prisoner killed someone around him,Then he must know when the deceased died,This is impressive known information for him。