Old tortoise pants.A few times to wear,At this time the lift has descended to the edge of the balcony,He hurriedly sorted his clothes and walked over,An awkward smile:“Demigod,The sound wave of this dragon whistle is different from what you usually hear,Only i can hear,You call this voice infrasound。”

Finished,He flicked in his ear a few times,Then he took out a black thing similar to headphones:“Your dragon whistle can only be received with this thing!”
No time to talk nonsense with him,I directly asked him if he could use the power of the sacred tree to interfere with something called Lingdongyi?
Old tortoise’s face changed a lot:’This is impossible!We have set up a barrier in the Shenshu area,People in other districts cannot invade with spirit waves。“
Watching him nervously,I quickly asked:”Is there any way to increase the interference of the sacred tree,Let the invading spirit wave fail!“
The old tortoise looked terrified:”Demigod,I can’t tell you,I have to report the situation to the elder,Once Lingbo invades, it will be troublesome!“
Finished saying this,He hurried up the elevator,It is estimated that he has accelerated,This time the lift went up very fast,There is no trace!
Looking at the elevator disappearing in the air,I was very worried,I don’t know if this is right,But absolutely can’t let Su Mei poke into Huidai’s heart!
So I can plead a few words,If it turns out that Hydai and I have an affair,Maybe my luck is over!Of course it’s a peach blossom luck, but it’s hard,In fact, these beauties are also my pursuit,And this relationship is still on the verge of some kind of swing。
Sit on a small stone bench by the pool,The night is deep,Giant trees and clouds up and down,The damp white clouds immerse the lights on the balcony like dreams,No wind,No bugs,Everything is as quiet as a photo。
Sitting down,My drowsiness is beginning to deepen again,So I just bowed my head to sleep,Sleeping groggy,Su Mei’s voice suddenly heard in my head,But this time it was intermittent:”Naive goods!youXWhat happenedXXUp?Say youXXBoard board,How is this going?“
I suddenly woke up when I heard this sound,It seems that the old turtle is working!He definitely made the elders strengthen the interference of the sacred tree,So Su Mei can no longer communicate with each other,I also pretended to have a bad signal to her:”Meimei what are you talking about?I can’t understand a word?“
The strong electric current seemed to distort her voice,Rustling white noise one after another,Drown her voice,I really can’t hear anything this time。
Although Su Mei is blocked,But my heart is still uneasy,I don’t know if she succeeded in asking Hydai,It seems I must ask her to give me a false testimony,Prove the innocence between me and her,But I think it’s too unreasonable,It’s not like a man!!
I don’t know if it’s smart or stupid,Actually doing this is tantamount to breaking one’s own back,Losing Su Mei’s connection means I can’t understand the situation of the sacred tree,But this way at least I can recover from Chu Hong’s tense relationship!Lie, lie!Which man in the world doesn’t lie?
It seems I have to ask Huidai,About to take out the whistle and blow,Unexpectedly, the elevator fell down again,Landed directly on my balcony,The old turtle hurried down,Pulled my sleeve:”Demigod, hurry up with me,The elder has something to ask you。“
Follow the old turtle into the elevator,That guy waved,The ladder starts with a cry,Looking at the giant tree scenery passing fast in front of you,Although the lift is smooth and smooth,It feels a little flustered,The old turtle turned to ask me:”Demigod,When did you contact that woman?What did she tell you?“