Of course I can’t tell him this is a gift from Ouyang,So he replied lightly:“Don’t worry about so much,Have this lighter,So you don’t have to worry about causing fire。“

Xiaolong nodded,Carefully put the lighter into the pocket:”Row!so be it,Brother Zhao, take care。“Finished saying this,Xiaolong waved to me,Turned and left。
I don’t think Xiaolong is a bad person,At least he is much better than Xiao Zhu,So I whispered to him:”Xiaolong,Guo Jinhai is not a good thing,You have to be careful with him,Don’t be sold by him, you don’t even know。“
Xiaolong looked back and smiled:”You don’t need to worry about this,Since the day with him,My life is his,It doesn’t matter if he sells it or not,Instead, I think you have to be careful,You are alone outside,The risk is bigger than us,Actually you should be with everyone,At least I can go home safely。“
I raised my hand to tell him not to speak:”stop!Stop talking,Guo Jinhai and I are at odds,I won’t be in the same position as him if I become a pig!“
A wry smile appeared on Xiaolong’s face:”Brother Zhao,Those who know current affairs are Junjie!okay,I won’t say much,Let’s don’t do it,I hope we won’t meet each other next time。“
Watching Xiaolong leave,I am not full of taste,Stood blankly for a long time,Only then dug out the magnifying glass,Then pick up the catch and go home,When I walked into the forest, I remembered the sea salt drying in front,So he walked towards the simple salt pan,This time the salt crystallized more,To collect sea salt,I got a little coconut in the forest,Smash it open,Drink up the juice inside,Then scrape off the salt powder,Put in coconut。
When bending over to load salt powder,Squeaking in the woods,It turns out that Monkey King is back。
After seeing it, I remembered the purpose of this trip,So I found some firewood in the forest,Took out a few fine velvet from the nest,Ready to burn a fire on the beach,Magnifying glass focusing in the sun,I ignited the dry fluff I collected。
The fluff from the bird’s nest contains bird feathers and wild animal hair,There are even soft plant velvet,These are particularly good,Is a good thing。
The fire ignited soon,I made a tall wooden frame with branches,Tie up the coconut shell with grass leaves,Then hung on the fire,Boil in sea water,The sea finally heated up!Facts proved,Coconut shell can cook things!
Monkey King stands aside with his hands down,It tilted its head and looked at me doing all this,Obviously it doesn’t quite understand my intention。
I cut the sea fish,Take out the internal organs,Scrape off the scales,Then throw them in and cook,Soon the fragrance overflows,Unfortunately can’t drink soup。
Only then did Monkey King understand that I was eating,It jumped excitedly around the fire,Keep squeaking,Fire,The fish is cooked quickly,I threw a fish to the monkey,It was so hot,But this time it did not throw,But put the fish on the beach and tear it carefully。