These letters are all sorted out by his father,Don’t dare to fake the information sent by others。

Some are the recent movements of officials and businessmen in Jinling Mansion,The other part is the inquiry about the current emperor suddenly throwing out the olive branch.。
These things are the main reason why Mai Fan came here specially,Now it’s in Lin Ruhai’s hands,He can be regarded as completing his task。
Mai Fan and Lin Ruhai breathed a sigh of relief,after that,Lin Ruhai had the intention to ask about another thing he was more concerned about。
“I don’t know that Daiyu’s time in her grandmother’s house was quite comfortable?”
Mai Fan shook his head,And didn’t add oil and vinegar,He just judged the current situation of the Jia family from his own perspective。
“The husband also knows what the student’s main business is,As far as I know about Jia’s family,This is only from an industrial perspective,It’s a very poor manager。”
Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Eight Talk
“Not to mention profitable shops,Just talk about the servants in the mansion,I have never seen such an extravagant mansion。”
“Just in Jia Baoyu’s yard,There are more than a dozen girls of all sizes,Only girl’s monthly salary,Is a big expense。”
“Plus the greed of the people below,Deceive,Everywhere,The students only lived in Jia’s residence for more than a month,I’ve seen no less than two or three drinking and jokes,Gambling and fishing。”
“If it’s just a loose family style,The servants are not right.,Tidy up,Can kill this unhealthy trend。”
“Be afraid,The elders of the Jia family……Hi,The juniors don’t talk about the elders。”
“Sir, let me just talk about people of Jia’s generation。”