”Oh,Just sent you a document,need translation,what happened to you,Feeling wrong!“

”Bitten by a dog!Is there anything else,I’m fine!“
”Oh,never mind!“
”By the way, Wan Zubo,You guys……Forget it,I’ll go to school safely,No more,I hung up“
Didn’t say much,Don’t embarrass others,Go in through the back door,Cause trouble for many people!Still walk steadily step by step。
What is the score for this exam,Should go see,Taking several exams,If the score is good,Won’t come to school!Really not like meeting someone!
The kiss just now!I almost made myself out of control!I’m too hungry!
Get in a good mood,Pick up book and tea cup,Did not go back to class,Went home directly,Had lunch,Half asleep and disappeared,Wake up and read a book,Went to school。
What the teacher said is basically what Teacher Zhang said,Memory is very good now,Teacher Zhang said it all and remembered everything,During the exam,Rummaging through memories。The writing is also very good,I just don’t know how the exam was!
I still don’t have much test experience!When I was at home, the exam was pretty good。I feel pretty good this time。
Look at the list when you go to school!
called,Xiao Sheng,Xiao Rui,Call Lulu at aunt’s house。Ready to go to school together。
”Xiaoxi!Why are you going to school so early?!“
”Aunt,It’s late,Although it is close to the school,Go to school early,Communicate with classmates and friends,I didn’t have that much to say in class,Listen to the class!“
”How do I feel that you are arrogant?I want Lulu to sleep a little longer!Stay up late at night!“
“Lulu,Did you make it late at night?“