When the last carriage also disappears on the endless railroad tracks……The scene in front of them turned around……Has changed a lot。

It was just a little outdated station just now,It broke down quickly。
Originally clean station ground,It started to crack,Drop brick。
But the original strong house and supporting pillars,It fell to the soil with the crash。
When everyone thought it was dazzling,This small station was set up all at once。
Only then did they understand the meaning of the forgotten little station on the ticket。
It’s like an abandoned for decades,Or even a hundred-year-old station。
There is no usable building,Naturally, no one will pay attention to its existence。
At this time,The passengers stranded here are really desperate。
Because the gray fog followed the train and left。
Unfolding outside this deserted station is an empty scroll-like horizon。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Two Stowaway
Whether it’s east or south,No matter which direction,All monotonous,Colorless,The front of the thread。
The scenery is the same after going out,If you get lost, you will never find a direction again.……
“Do not!Can’t keep us!”
Someone ran after the track that hadn’t disappeared crazily……
But the next scream,Awakened everyone……