he,Zhao Dabao finally walked out of Qinling Prison after thousands of hardships and obstacles。Now I’m about to re-enter this、A world of love and hate。Xia Guo,I’m Zhao Dabao back。

In front of the mountain presents a white road,Tactfully lead to the distance。At the foot of the mountain lies a densely crowded township,From the top of the mountain,Vaguely saw small humans like ants。
One month has passed since the escape from prison,Zhao Dabao’s heart faintly produced a kind of excitement and excitement of returning to the world。Tidy up the medicine basket,Walked down the mountain vigorously。
I don’t know it’s the excitement of returning to human society,Still touch the real world,Zhao Dabao walks briskly,Less than two hours,Already at the foot of the mountain。
As he predicted,The current Qinling Prison has given up the hunt for Zhao Dabao。
Guess by prison,Zhao Dabao has escaped thousands of miles now,Had withdrawn all Luca ten days ago,Just report to Xiaguo Prison Administration,A wanted order was issued across the country。
And the photos on the wanted order,But it was Zhao Dabao’s bald photo on the first day he was imprisoned in Qinling Prison。
And now Zhao Dabao not only has long hair,Plus a slight modification of facial muscles,It looks very different on the photo,No one can see that the person carrying the medicine basket turned out to be Zhao Dabao who escaped from prison。
Listening to the noisy sound on the street,Zhao Dabao seems to have had a dream of Nanke for a long time,Didn’t wake up till now。
He walked slowly down the street,My eyes scan around aimlessly,Watching laid-back men drinking on the street,Watching colorfully dressed women hanging out in the store,I watched the playing children running、Laughing,A trace of sentiment suddenly flooded into my mind。
at this moment,He felt that the world is so real、So beautiful,The accented words and the chattering noise,In an instant, an extraordinary movement is formed,Thinking back in Zhao Dabao’s mind、player,Shaking his soul,Feeling his soul。
In an instant,An unprecedented flow of heat surges in Zhao Dabao’s Ren Du Er pulse,Like a wave of surging waves,Constantly impacting the various acupoints in the meridians,Washing the wall of the Ren Du Meridian。
Suddenly,A huge internal wave formed,Hit hard on the wall of the meridian,Vaguely“Squeak”Whispered,The meridians instantly expanded by one-third。The first stage of the first round,Breakthrough at the moment Zhao Dabao entered the WTO。
At the moment of breakthrough,Zhao Dabao’s eyes stared fiercely,A ribbon of red eyes flashes in the pupils。Yes,This is a special state that represents the first stage of Ming Jin’s primary achievement。