Get time,Soluk,Bearded length。
Zhan Ling, this institution,Mainly serve the emperor and the emperor,Defect,Accompany Pamn Read。
A chartered,The House is a very potential institution,At the Jockey,Class equivalent to the Prince,The middle flow of the future in the future。
very beginning,This is also true。
Can be on the prince,The emperors can’t afford this institution.,The impact of the House of the House is too great,No longer the Jen’s affairs is responsible for teaching the Prince Reading。
gradually,The main service object of the Jacang has become an emperor.,It is the best place to level and qualifications of officials.,Meaning is equal to experience room。
This official position,It is Fu Tianshen to arrange for Cui Hong.,Official position,But you can often come into contact with the emperor,Even just mixing a face,Answer two sentences,It has a huge benefit to Cui Hua’s career.。
But recently,This situation changes,The emperor has experienced the death of a qualified heir.,Painful thinking,Reorganizing the House,After a screening,The service focus of this institution begins to tend to。
Precisely,Is tendency to the emperor,A group of half-big children around ten years old。
What is the meaning of emperor?,Who is the throne heir?,So, it is already a heart illusion,The walking official of the Jen’s Office has become a fragrant,Especially Cui Hong, this young man,In the future, the future is not limited,It is the priority of choice。
Cui Jin gradually been brushed, it was surprised.,It should be that Fu Tianyi will force,After all, it is a Taizi.,Nominal East Palace,Arrange an official position that accompany the emperor reading is not difficult。
so,Cui Jin gradually said。
Although Fu Tianzhen is not thin, he is looking at Liao Wenjie’s face.,But the fact is the fact,He is not a neighbor,Treatment of Glory。
Take advantage of the wine,Cui Hong gradually coughs two times:“Jie Ge,World peace,Residential,No demon ghosts,After you are ready to do,Have you ever thought of a family business??”
“Ask what this do,You are single one,Caring for others,Take the tube yourself。”
“I am single because my heart has belongs.,Weak water three thousand only one scoop……”
Cui Hong sighed,Under the sky,Red is delicate,But no one can enter his heart.,Because his heart follows the ghosts.。
“This is not enough.,I use this reason.。”
Liao Wenjie,He and Cui Jin gradually,Are infatuated seeds,Weak water three thousand only one scoop,A scoop of a scoop is still a scoop。
Can also continue to drink!
“Jiege,You are a smart person I have ever seen.,Don’t be confused here.。”
Cui Jin, I don’t know how Liao Wenjie’s heart,Thanks to his image,Cui Jin gradually be as Yan Chi, etc.,I thought he was a non-woman colored.,Have a bitter:“Human correct road,You have no demon,It’s time to think about finding a destination.,Don’t continue to wander again.。”
“still young,I will say later in the future.。”
“You are still young,You can wait for your people.。”
“wrong,Hong gradually brother, you are wrong.,Is it a red envelope??”Liao Wenjie。
“voluntary,If it is a good thing,Jiege reissue a,I never refused。”
Cui Hong, smiled and raised,The two are a round of push cups.,When the guest is always happy,Cui Hong gradually poured down the wine table,Be with:“Jiege,You don’t want to respond to Fujia Sisters,Don’t forget Mozhen’s smoother,She entered Beijing with me.,Just for finding……I am love with her love.,If you miss her,Don’t come to me later.。”
“Snuff,Your guy dares to threaten me.……Ugh,I am afraid of you.,This will give it a statement。”
Liao Wenjie two hands,All see it,He doesn’t want,Because of it is committed to helplessness,Have to see machine。
Shang Book House,backyard。
Liao Wenjie entered the wall,This time I didn’t have discovered,The hand is coming to a woman,Finger red line,Easily put the door……
Uh,No door,The door is gently opened.。
“There is a few days in the world.,The extent to which the night is not closed,Is it a little too out?。”
Liao Wenjie,Have a big movement,So just enter the door,Just entertain by the owner。
A soft sword is coming,Take the shoulders of Liao Wenjie,Then it is a cold:“Small thief,This is the case, you dare to learn people to steal jade.,Still in Shangshi Fu,you……You turn your face over,Let me see who is。”