And Shen Xuan,Tang Wolf twice。

“Humph,By the time,Walk down。”
Finish,Tang Wolf is not to say,Directly get up。
After all, he looks like him.,Such a thing,itself,It is not existed at all.。
Chapter 477 Rest assured that I have an inch
Three days,How to do three days?
Surroundings,All the way to brush。
In fact, in their hearts,It is also very urgent to know this.。
But Shen Xuan,It is very light in the performance.。
“rest assured,I have an inch。”
As Shen Xuan said so,Surroundings,It’s more curious.。
After all, now,Shen Xuan has already said this level,In the hearts of others,The more you look, the more you want to know。
Here,What is hidden in the end?。
But for them,Next primary purpose,In fact, there is still a need for this,It is the key to the thorough handling of things here.。
so,When these people are watching Shenxuan in front of their eyes。
For Shen Xuan,In fact, it is now,A series of questions here,What yourself,Still have this necessary,Can solve it well。
And look at these,In this case,Shen Xuan said:“Hema,Come over,I will give you a needle first.。”
“Then,At the time of estimation,Will definitely be a lot。”
When Shen Xuan finished,Blue Sky is suddenly looked up and looks at Shen Xuan.。
obviously,The heart of the blue sky is naturally very clear。
Since now,Shen Xuan said so。
This also represents,These things itself,It is even more undoubtedly。
so,When you are in front of you,Blue sky,It is also a hot radiant.。
Shenxuan,Start to the blue sky。
Those Warse Warrior,It’s still inevitable in my heart.。
After all, this situation is now,No one knows,How is the effect?。
As for everything,I can still wait for it.。
After all, the next thing is,In fact, whoever said it is not good.,What will it make?。
So now,everything,It can only be quiet and changed.。
Su Yuhong,Very confident。
“Do you not feel,Are we very confident??”
“and,Let’s lead,When did I have done a taste??”
When Su Yuhong’s words,Other War Temple,Careful thinking in my heart。
The more I want it, the more I think it is.,This is as if,It’s really this.。
Since now,What else is already said。
So a series of questions,In fact, it is very interesting.。
So now,Continue to develop according to this trend,In itself,In fact, it is already coming.。
It’s just such a little.,The more like this,In fact, everyone looks at others.,I can look forward to it.。
“I don’t know,Blue protection,What level can you achieve?。”
“Definitely be terrible,Such situation,I can expect it.。”