Bruce looks at the defeated Bike,Angry look opposite,But see Bruce angry,Ivory is more proud。

But the rule is before Bruce I promised.,It is impossible to change now.。
And this is not the focus,Be aware of their seventh universe,Need oxygen breathing,Not only the Bike is one person。
Other four people are also ordinary humans,Now the space on the ring,Long-term fermentation,I am afraid that I have no oxygen.。
And a high temperature surrounded around,Such a environment is almost no difference in the furnace of the furnace.。
Unless Sun Wukong can go up to the game,Dead at a very short time,Otherwise, it is also a no-flavous。
Although it is very bad,But that is the old saying,You have a good strength,It is also necessary to breathe.。
“Next, let me go first.,My ability can restrain this iron。
If you make Baggi Tower or Wukong,I want to solve the other party in an instant.,It should be exposed too much strength.。”
And for the night,Bergi Tower is naturally not promised to with Sun Wukong,Indicates that you must use a guess to decide the order。
Because the strength of the night,They are afraid that there is no chance to play.,Can fight with other universe,This opportunity can not be every time。
finally,Still the Brews board makes the night,And the night is also said,I am in a strong opponent,Will abstain yourself,Bergilta is not willing to agree with the night.。
Just upset,Night, feel the heat of hot and a feeling of suffocation。
“Compared to the general environment of the furnace,I still prefer a clear environment.,What do you think?
Water escape·Big bursting water shift!”
Closed space,A large amount of water is like the flood of the decissete.,Seddle around。
Lava in the ring,In the rush of a large amount of water,Temperature instantaneous sudden reduction,The temperature in the air also returns to normal instantaneous。
And because the ring is in a closed space,The horse grantron at this time is tremendous because of a huge reason.,At this time, it is also in a large number of sea water.。
But Horse Garda does not have a water in the night.,Instead, pat my chest,The temperature of the body rises again,A large number of steam came from his body,Quick evaporation of a lot of water。
Night standing on the water,Hand again print again,A dark cloud suddenly appeared in the closed space,The violent thunder snake is venting from the air.。
Closed space,At this time, I will become a Lei Ze.,And because of the reasons for the use of water before night,The power of thunder in this time is even more increased.。
“Stupid guy,Although the idea is good,But the body of Ma Gaya is special alloy,Can’t conduct electricity at all。
Use this ability,I am afraid I will wait for the horse gallet.,And the other person himself has to suffer.。”
象 帕 看 操作 操作,The expression from the previous panic transformation。
Although this boy in the new game,Whether it is strength or IQ seems good,But the other party apparently looked at the body of Ma Garda。
And although a lot of water flows disappears with a hot environment,But the problem of oxygen is not solved.,In the appearance of like Pa,The night is basically the matter of the morning and evening.。
“Do not you know?A lot of water if it is electrolysis,Will convert to oxygen and hydrogen,And these two gases,In a closed space,Once encountered……”
If you haven’t finished the night?,A huge explosion,Instantly resounding the entire venue,And with a huge mountain shake,Even the protective cover set before the Pattos,In this moment, it was a fragmentation.。
“A large amount of moisture is electrolytic,Will decompose into easy fuel and hydrogen,And the lava in the body of Ma Garda,Will instantly detonate the gas in the closed space,Thereby producing a large explosion!”
On the watch platform, I’m explained with Sun Wukong, who only used the muscles.,The reason for the big explosion。
Compare the enlighten meal,Sun Wukong and Bergiita have only muscle guys.,Obviously, I don’t understand what happened.。
After a smoke is scattered,The original platform has long flying in the big bombings.,And there is a huge deep pit on the ground.。
And the air floats a huge ice.,After the smoke is scattered,Ice cubes in the air gradually broken,Exposed a no-loss night。
And in the hands of the night, it is clear that I have lost the Mal Cahta.,The opponent huge body type,At night in the night,It is like a toy,It is easy to throw out。
Along with a huge sound,Ma Ga Tower also fell into the place outside the competition.,But the referee at this time,But I don’t know how to announce the results.。
Because the whole platform is gone,And the night is also illegally used,So the referee is difficult to see two big men。
“The result is also said??Naturally, the night is victorious.,Didn’t I see that iron??”