Xia Jian saw something different,Stood up quickly,He walked to Nalandpin in two steps:“What’s the matter old man,What the hell happened?”

Nalandeping walked to the sofa with a little difficulty,I sat down with a crooked body。He looked at Xia Jian with fixed eyes,Asked after a long while:“where are you from?”
Nalandeping suddenly asked Xia Jian these words,Xia Jian felt very strange,But he still patiently said:“I live in a friend’s house,Woke up in the morning and drove her to Longdong Group to go to work,Then go to Yunmao Group to find someone,I just passed by you so I came in,how?Is something wrong??”
“Mr. Xia!I really shouldn’t doubt you,But this is a bit strange,I can only think like this”Nalande sighed and said。
Xia Jian surprised,Sure enough。He hurriedly asked:“What exactly is going on,Can you elaborate more,Maybe I can help you”
Nalandeping is old after all,When something happens, I’ll be a little confused,What Jing Xiajian said,He took a breath and said:“Two people found me the other day,Want to buy a little baby from my family。I told you,I just like collecting,Do not sell”
“But these two people don’t give up,It’s a stalker,Fortunately, Yu came back from get off work,Drove them away。Unexpectedly, they kidnapped Yu’s mother,And asked you to drive me to their place,Said to tear up the ticket once the police was found”
Xia Jianyi listen,The head can’t help but buzz。He really doesn’t understand,What is it like having eyes,I can meet him wherever he goes。
Turns out the thing is like this,No wonder Nalande would doubt him,Even if it changed him。He would think so too。
“Old man!First you have to believe me,Secondly, according to my analysis,This group should have stared at your house。They saw me come into your house,That’s why they asked me to send you there。I drove Luo Yi, the general manager of Longdong Group,If you don’t believe me, just call you.”
Xia Jian said,I really took out my phone and called Luo Yi。Then he put the phone on the coffee table,Handsfree。
One call,Luo Yi’s gentle voice came from inside:“Hey!where is it?Drive slowly。I am a new car,Don’t rub”
“Rest assured,I will be careful,But I won’t come back at noon,I’ll pick you up when you get off work at night”Xia Jian said loudly to the phone。
Luo Yi heard that Xia Jian wouldn’t go back to her at noon,A little bit reluctant to act like a baby:“Where are you going again?”