now,He completely understood the bottom of Lu Haozheng,Lu Haocheng is like a giant standing on the peak of the pyramid,I want to succeed in a short time.,It’s really difficult。

Even if he wants to move a bigest,There is always a small feeling of thunder and heavy rain.。
“call……”He is deeply spit out of a smoke,Some irritated low heads,The expression on the face is respectful。
But,The bottom is so unwilling,Xinxin,You feel,What should I do is right??
His life is very confused,Yes,very confused。
No love,Will not confuse in love,Intelligence in life。
He,Why is it so persistent?,He really doesn’t know,Unclear,Be more chaotic。
Hao Peng has a somewhat decadent。
Go to the corridor,I saw Blue Xin and a woman talking at the corner.。
Blue Xin on the way room,Encounter Wen Qi。
Wen Qi seems to come over,Drink a wine,I hurriedly ran from her.。
She is not relieved,Follow the past。
Wen Qi spit it for a long time in the bathroom.,Blue Xin looked at her face pale,Shakes and desire,I will help you take a break in the rest area.。
“Wen Qi,Your body has not rehabilled,You do this Undoubtedly a practice of our body。”Blue Xin looked at her not to cherish her body.,very angry。
Wen Qi is weak, she reads her.,Laugh:“Blue Xin,thank you for your concern,I have not to go to work in Yuxi’s company.,I started myself,These entertainment avoids。”She doesn’t understand it.。
NS1397chapter:You are a long temper.
“But your body has not recovered yet,Drink so much wine is very harmful to the body。
Women should love themselves。”
Blue Xin looked quietly,During this time, she more and more thin.,Face is also very bad,Eyepiece,Just like the gorgeous roses are slowly withered。
The proud Wen Qi does not seem to have the same。
Wen Qi smirk,“Blue Xin,You don’t have to take me,you are right,I and Zhu Xi,Everything is my own,If there is no previous strange idea,Now he is very good to me.,Although there is no love,But I still can be with him.……”Merely,Wen Qi sound line,I can’t say it anymore.。
For her words,Blue Xin did not pick up,This matter has been talked before.。
She has said that she has said.。
Make more。
Blue Xin quietly accompanied her for a while,“You have to go back first.,Good health,Can you do your business?。”
Wen Qi shook his head,But shake it out of tears,She got up,Quickly wipe your tears,Pulling a smile against Blue Xin,“Thank you.,Blue Xin,You are the only one who is willing to accompany me.,During this time, I lived very pain.,But it is also what I am looking for.,I have to go back to accompany customers.?
I have the opportunity to talk again.。”
Wen Qi said,Go back and walk back。
Blue Xinyou looks at her back,But not speak in the opening。
She always thinks that Wen Qi has some ideas to practice their own。
There is a kind of feeling that makes yourself to die.。
Blue Xin is also planning to book room,Just got a few steps,I met Hao Peng。
Two people are relatively,Blue Xin is indifferent,Hao Peng’s tenderness。