If the head is exploded by a punch,Then there is nothing.,Da Luo Jinxian is not able to save your life.。

Zombie’s scorpion cold,But but I didn’t see Lin Feng.,But the blood lying on the ground,The next moment, let Lin Feng stunned,Because this zombie rises from horror,Just want to attack blood。
Blood passed a melodious ringtone。
“Roar!”Zombies suddenly stopped attack,He is like a mad,Hold his head,painfully"shen y"write,Then roll on the ground。
“Ha ha!”The voice of blood is blended in the sky,His mood stands up,His hands holding a bronze bell。
The bell in his hand continues to shake,There seems to be mysterious in the sound from the sound from the bell.,Attack zombies on the ground,Zombies are still coming,Twin scarlet。
“Fortunately, I brought a soul bell.!”Blood hills holding the bell in the hand,The corner of the mouth exposed a lot of color。
The general martial arts may not know the origin of the soul bell,But if you understand the words of the West River,You will know that this day, the soul is the holy object of this family.,Specialized control of zombies,Xijiang waves very mysterious。
They have some way to control zombies,Here to fight,Each combat power is extremely important,In society。
Therefore, it is also defined as evil gates,More than 50 years ago, the corpse was encircled by the government.,From this, this blood jacket will rise in Xijiang,I jumped with the rule of the corpse in Xijiang.,Of course, some secrets of the corpses have also fallen into their hands.。
People who cure the blood jackets do not play these things,Then I know it.,The same blood jacket is also very mysterious。
Then the post-blood paste is deep with a cold murder.,He suddenly looked at Lin Feng’s body.,His figure is step by step,He took a palm,Bloody palm print with poisonous breath,狠 向 的 ‘s head。
He doesn’t want any accident。
Lin Feng shadow that was in a turtle was suddenly fierce a squid,Directly avoid blood and nerve the thunder attack,Then, one palm kills the head of the blood.。
“I know your turtle.。”
Blood and cold sound,He wants to avoid the attack of Lin Feng,Control zombie to kill Lin Feng,Unfortunately, Lin Feng does not give him an opportunity.,Lin Feng swears,The terrible martial art,His martial arts power is rolling,Sweep out。
Take the sputum of the Thunder to the sputum。
“not good!”
Blood stagnation,His figure is fundamentally avoiding the attack of Lin Feng。
“Martial art!”
Blood stunning,Also used in this critical time to use your own martial art,A bloody martial art is coming out,Staying in the corpse,Staying black airflow,Destroyed,狠 击 武 武 域 域。
A dramatic explosion sound,Martial art,Directly fly the figure of the two people,Hurt,Lin Feng’s figure was thrown into the void,His light is revealing the color,His figure is like a lightning, a bloody chest。
The blood of the just stood stabilized and spitted with blood,He screamed,A punch to the heart of Lin Feng,But Lin Feng did not dodge at all,The blood of the blood of the blood is on the top of Lin Feng’s heart.,Lin Fengfang。
Blood stagnation is also a few steps from Lin Feng’s fist,He is a blood spit out,Faceless,Hit hard。
Lin Feng is cold,Fundamentally not affected,Backed again,A boxing of the head of the blood,Blood stunning,Can’t dodge at all,It’s hard to run now.,Even if it’s late。
Blood stunned scarlet,It is like a beast.,He is almost crazy,A boxing of Lin Feng’s heart position,I hope that Lin Feng’s attack stops.,Sworm against his attack。
Unfortunately, he once again.。
“bump,bump!”The two sound bore in the void。
Lin Feng, a punch, the head of the blood.,Blood stunning a punch to kill the heart of Lin Feng,Lin Feng once again spit out the blood again,His heart debris also spit out,The whole person seems to be lightweight,Body shaking。
Blood stunning,His head directly by Lin Feng’s punch,Brain bones have broken,The whole person screamed,How long is your figure?,The sky soul bell in his hand is still unstable.。
Directly fell on the ground。
As the soul bell falls on the ground,That zombie sounds,It seems to lose control,Strong breath,Zombie directly pocked the figure of Lin Feng。
Lin Feng fell in the sky,Just directly turtle,His body is lying in the blood of the blood.,Quietly,The zombie angry roaring,After the ear, from Lin Feng,Then I grabbed the body of the blood in a few steps.。
Blood gimmick, this is actually dead。