“Haha……” This time Brother Dao smiled more happily,Let Chen Xiuda be clueless,After a while, Brother Dao said proudly:“brothers,You won’t be back for too long,Since Ms. Qin Zhi became a shareholder in our company,The company is already scaled、normalization,Made seven movies in a row,Each step is over 500 million box office。

How could you lose money! Your dividend in the last two quarters was 300 million,I called you several times but I was not in the service area,I haven’t had time to tell you this。”
When Brother Dao called Chen Xiu,,He is not in AnniSouth mining area is in Shennongjia deep mountain,Cell phone signal is weird。
“《Young and Dangerous Love Through Time and Space》?
Some people watch movies like this?”
Chen Xiu was surprised,The company shoots like thisLOWmovie of,Actually made more than one billion in two quarters,Really surprised him。
Brother Dao said in embarrassment:“I also know that I’m afraid of bad movies,But now the audience is just good,As long as there is little meat in the movie,No matter how bad the plot is, you can’t lose it!”
“……” I was also a keyboard man when I was in college,Watching Pirates OnlineiVersion of the movie,Scolding how rubbish the movie is,Scolding the actor for not crying, only puts eye drops;Scolding the screenwriter for the bad plot;Scolding the director how unbearable。
totally unexpected,One day my company also made such a bad movie。
The most ironic thing is that he actually made money! I really became the kind of person I hate most! Gong Daoming came over and said:“Minor repair,I can prove this,Every step of your company’s movies is a big profit。”
“how do you know?”
Chen Xiu asked strangely。
“Because every step of your company’s movie release,I was pulled by every girlfriend to watch the premiere,It’s definitely full!”
“Every girlfriend!”
This guy is so romantic,Chen Xiu said with a smile:“I remember Gong Lao was always worried that you could not find a wife,Can’t hold great grandson,How about I give him a call,Say you already have many girlfriends?”